What’s not to love about Gymboree?! Colorful, themed clothes, adorable outfits and accessories, and high quality are just some of the reasons that I almost exclusively dress my daughter in this brand.

But I certainly do not like the price tag! As a Krazy Coupon Lady, I know that spending $20 on one T-shirt has no place in our couponing lifestyle.

Thankfully, the reputation Gymboree has in making high quality, adorable children's clothing is well-known, and part of the reason I am able to dress my daughter in their clothes for free!

In order to dress my daughter in this brand for free, I always follow these guidelines:

Become a rewards member

Gymboree offers a Rewards Program, and it’s free to sign up either in-store or online. Members accumulate 1 point for every $1 spent in-store or online. Redeem points in the form of a Rewards Certificate worth up to $15 off a future purchase. Gymboree distributes these certificates three times a year.

Only shop the sales

Gymboree is well known for their "back of the store" prices, where clothing can be found at a deep discount of up to 80% off in sales bins or on the sales rack. They also offer many other discounts, including the Gymbucks promotion: Shoppers earn $25 in Gymbucks for every $50 spent in-store during earning periods and can redeem them for 50% off a purchase during redemption periods. Combining Gymbucks with sales items easily makes it possible to buy more for much less.

Use coupons

Yes, you heard me right! Gymboree always has coupons! They offer a coupon for signing up for their newsletter online (email signup is located at bottom of the home page) and also circulate a 20% off coupon in Family Fun and Parents magazines each month. Using DiscountMags.com, which The Krazy Coupon lady regularly promotes, you can subscribe to this magazine for very cheap, and never miss a coupon!

Stack a coupon with a sale

Stacking is not a foreign term to us KCLs. At Gymboree, stack a sale, coupon, and Gymbucks to maximize saving and get a steep discount. I recently used this method to buy my daughter her entire winter wardrobe : 20 shirts, 10 pants, 10 matching socks, and 10 pairs of underwear for $25.

Sell gently-used clothing

Even though coupons, sales and Gymbucks allow me to purchase Gymboree clothing at a fraction of retail cost, it would not be free or profitable until factoring in the resale value of my purchases using outlets such as eBay or Mom2Mom. Gymboree is the best selling children's brand on eBay.

When clothes are in great shape consider using eBay’s “Buy it Now” price, which allows sellers to list items for retail value. eBay is a goldmine for moms who do not have access to a Gymboree store in their area. Mom2Mom sales are another great option. Selling outfits at these sales for $15 to $20 each is an easy way to make money back, or even turn a profit, minus the shipping costs and minor fees that eBay charges. Need advice? Use online resources to learn how to sell on eBay.

As with any other way to save money, reselling and shopping the sales for Gymboree clothing takes time, but it is well worth the investment when you are able to dress your children for free, and possibly even turn a small profit!

This is a guest post by Hillary from Lansing, MI
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How to Save (and Get Free Clothes) at Gymboree