If you have a girl in your house you’re probably all-too familiar with Justice! The glittery tops, cute animal prints, and fun accessories are at the top of most young girls’ wish lists. However, a shopping trip to Justice can get expensive very quickly, so taking advantage of the best deals is a must for KCLs like us. From following Justice on social media to shopping during the right time of the day, here are seven of the best tips to help you get your fashionista-in-training everything she’s been asking for:

1. Follow Justice on social media

Although it’s wise to follow any store that you enjoy shopping at on social media, some stores—like Justice—use this technology to alert followers of new sales and other discounts. Just recently, Justice posted news of a flash sale for 40 percent off the entire store, plus an additional 20 percent off! This sale was only good for a few days, so you could have easily missed it if you weren’t following their page. In addition to promos and deals, Justice often posts new arrivals on their Facebook page, making it easy to snag an item you’ve been waiting for. If Justice is a store that you frequent often, you may want to consider turning on a Facebook notification for their page so you will be alerted anytime they make a new post. To create a notification for Justice or any other page on Facebook, simply go to their page, hover over the "Liked" button and click on "Get Notifications." I have set this up for several of my favorite retailers, and now I never miss a deal!

2. Sign up for catalogs (and coupons!)

I love getting catalogs in the mail. It’s so much fun to just relax on the couch with a catalog and turn down the pages of all the items that you want—it’s like window shopping at home! Kids and teenagers love to do this, too, so why not sign up with Justice to receive their catalogs? Don’t worry, there’s something in it for you, too—coupons! Justice often attaches coupons to the back of their catalogs for discounts like 40 percent off. I love getting these catalogs in the mail and ripping those coupons off! You can sign up to receive Justice catalogs by calling customer service at 1-866-246-5822.

3. Use J-Bucks and Fun Cards

J-Bucks and Fun Cards are offered during select times of the year, and they can be a great way to save. When Justice runs this promo, for every $50 (after discount and pre-tax) you spend you will receive a $25 J-Buck Card during J-Bucks distribution periods and/or a $25 Fun Card during the Fun Cards period. Essentially, the J-Bucks and Fun Cards are the same—they are both worth $25 and can be redeemed on purchases of $50 or more, making a $50 purchase half off! Although these cannot be used in conjunction with other promos (such as when the entire store is 40 percent off), they can be used on clearance merchandise, which can make for some amazing deals. If you don’t live near a Justice, J-Bucks and Fun Cards can be earned and redeemed on web and catalog orders. You can find out all of the details regarding J-Bucks and Fun Cards here.

4. Use their Wishlist

One of my favorite features that Justice offers is their Wishlist. Since I never pay full price for anything, I like to monitor the items that I have my eye on, and utilizing a Wishlist is a great way to do this. To create a Wishlist at Justice, you’ll need to register, then you’re all set to start adding items. When my nieces are over, I often pull up my account and tell them to add everything they like to the Wishlist, (which they love). Then, I go in every day and check to see if any of the items have been marked down. The Wishlist feature also lets you know if items are still in stock and gives you the ability to email the list to others. This is a much more effective tool than bookmarking items and trying to check them individually, or adding them to your cart only to have your cache cleared and the items disappear.

5. Shop clearance during the week

Justice has one of the best clearance departments of any store, and you can score some amazing deals. There is no set day of the week that Justice does markdowns—the stores can receive new markdown listings on any weekday, and most of the stores get to work putting these out first thing in the morning. Hitting the mall in the morning or during your lunch break means you can often nab the items that have just been marked down. Another wonderful perk to Justice markdowns is that from time to time, if the store is running a store-wide sale such as 40 percent off, they often do an additional 30–40 percent off on clearance. This means you’ll score those items for 40 percent off and then get another 30–40 percent off on top of that! Since most people can’t get to the mall every day, be sure to sign up for Justice emails, which often alert you to these types of sales the night before they start.

6. Get cash back

I love using cash-back sites when shopping online, and fortunately Justice is a participating store on Ebates, Shopathome and Extrabux. These three sites all offer between 3.5 and 5 percent cash back at Justice, making those glittery tees and skinny jeans a bit more affordable. Although 5 percent isn’t going to fund your next vacation, an extra few bucks here and there can definitely add up!

7. Get exclusives

There are several girls in my family that I buy gifts for, and they are all into the hottest toys, including Monster High and Ty Beanie Boos. It wasn’t until after I spent a small fortune on these items at other retailers that I found out that Justice not only carries these toys, but they get their own exclusives! Justice is one of a few stores that has an agreement to sell exclusive Monster High merchandise, which includes dolls, clothing, and accessories such as diaries, nail polish and scarves. In addition to Monster High, Justice also carries those adorable Ty Beanie Boos and has had exclusives that have included a zebra, a cheetah and an owl. What’s great about purchasing these items at Justice is that all of their coupons, store-wide sales, and J-Bucks work on these items, which means you can often score these in-demand toys at up to half off! Not only will you save a good chunk of change, but you may gift your girls the exclusives that will leave everyone else wondering where you found them!

How to Save at Justice