Bath time can be a real treat for kids, especially with all the fun products on the market like bath paints, bubble bath, scented shampoos, and more.

I recently discovered Johnson's Buddies soap, a bar of scented soap wrapped in a mesh pouch that makes the soap easier to grip, longer lasting, and easy to find if dropped in the bath water. My son loves it!

Its cost of $1 per bar doesn't exactly break the bank, but I'm an industrious mom, so I knew I could turn this product into my own and even make one improvement: Making it float! Here's how to make a DIY, floating scrubber bar for about 30 cents per bar:

Supply List

  • Mesh bath pouf (Consider the 3/$1 versions at places like Dollar Tree and Target's "Dollar Spot.")
  • One bar of Ivory bar soap (Search for a coupon from the monthly P&G newspaper inserts.)
  • Sewing needle
  • Heavy-duty sewing thread
  • Scissors


  1. Disassemble the bath pouf. Note: You'll only use a part of it for each bar, so don't discard the unused portion; simply save it for a second project.
  2. Use scissors to cut out four rectangular shapes of the pouf, each about ¼ inch larger on each side than the bar of soap.
  3. Place two of the cut out rectangles of pouf on each side of the bar soap.
  4. Using the needle and thread, sew the rectangles together, and secure the soap inside.
  5. Toss in the bath water and enjoy!

The large pores of the pouf material will easily allow the soap suds to work through to your child's skin, but the bar won't be slippery. Also, Ivory soap floats, so my son never loses the soap in the tub. When there is virtually no bar left, simply toss and make a new one.

Don't worry about lacking sewing skills for this project! The pouf material only needs to be secure enough to prevent the soap from slipping out. Simply make quick, wide stitches.

In addition to being useful for children, this project is great for use in the shower, especially for older adults who need something with an easy grip. Just choose your own variety of soap, and enjoy the possibilities!

This is a guest post by Audrey from Texas
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Make Bath Time Fun: DIY Buddy Soap