I’ve always loved paint chips. When I was a child, the only delight in running errands to the hardware store was staring at the paint sample display and all those beautiful colors. And I’m pretty sure my dream job would be to make up those amazing paint color names. . .Poetic Princess, Poppy Glow, Aqua Spray. So of course I love all the super cool ideas that are out there these days for using paint chips. It's like a dream come true to bring home a handful of those lovely chips. Here's a fun, little project using paint samples to get your home ready for Easter.

Materials Needed

  • Paint chips
  • Egg shape template
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Small hole punch


  1. I searched on Google Images for an egg shape. I printed it and cut it out to use as a template to cut my eggs.
  2. I used Behr paint chips because they have a nice white line in between the colors that looks great for this egg garland.
  3. Using the egg template, trace and cut out as many eggs as you want.
  4. Punch two small holes in the top of your eggs.
  5. Thread the eggs with string.
  6. Find the perfect spot to hang up your colorful Easter garland.

DIY Paint Chip Egg Garland