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Mom always said to be safe. And while no plan of action is always 100% effective, you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime with some careful diligence and a little help from these three, free safety apps.

NOTE: If you believe yourself to be in real danger, your best first line of defense is to contact emergency services at 911. No app is 100% foolproof and can’t substitute for professional first responders.


1. Red Panic Button sends your GPS coordinates and a link to your contacts when you’re in trouble.

Red Panic Button, with only one button push on your phone screensaver, sends your GPS coordinates and a link to Google Maps, by text or email, to a previously specified contact list.

Download here for Android and Apple.

Tip: There’s safety in numbers. Travel with a buddy to events and avoid getting separated in a crowd.


2. SirenGPS enables real-time, two-way communication in a crisis, even when cell service is down.

SirenGPS collaborates emergency communication management and response by connecting everyone in your community to first responders. The software also allows responders, all on a single platform, to communicate with each other and to determine the precise location of 911 callers.

Download here for Android and Apple.


3. bSafe sends an alert to pre-selected contacts if you fail to respond.

bSafe lets you choose friends and family to help keep track of you when you’re headed somewhere. Share your location so contacts know exactly where you are, and you set up an alarm to alert your network if you haven’t checked in.

Download here for Android and Apple.

Tip: When walking, stick to well-lit, regularly traveled walks and pathways. Stay away from sports fields, tennis courts, shortcuts, bushes, alleyways, or any other areas visibility might be hampered.


4. Watch Over Me tracks your location until you check in.

When you’re in a potentially dangerous position, tell the Watch Over Me app how long to watch over you and share details (notes, a picture, or ask a close friend to keep an extra eye out for you). If you don’t tap “I’m Safe” before time runs out, friends get an alert along with your exact location on a map and whatever pictures or videos you’ve uploaded.

Download here for Android and Apple.



5. Companion reaches out to family, friends, or local police to keep an eye on you.

With Companion, Just enter your destination and select Companions (contacts don’t even need the app). They see a live map of your progress and get updates as you go from Point A to Point B. If there’s an emergency, call the police with just two taps, and they connect you to the closest dispatcher.

Download here for Android and Apple.


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The 5 Free Safety Apps Every College Student Needs