Fall is almost here. Conjure up images of fruitful orchards, tangled pumpkin patches, little ghosts and goblins begging for candy.

Yes, it is apple time! Visit the farmer's market on a Saturday morning or head to a you-pick orchard. It seems that fall brings lots of this delicious fruit into the house.

It goes without saying there are many yummy dishes that you can make with apples. Those delicious, crisp treats also come with super cleaning powers. In fact, apples can solve one of the trickiest kitchen problems of all, dull and dingy pots and pans.

Over time, your aluminum pots and pans can become dull and appear dirty even after they were just cleaned. Why not bring back their shine and remove stains in just a few easy steps?

With a few apple peels, make aluminum pots and pans look like new without the use of harsh chemicals or expensive cleaners. Here's how:

  • Remove the peels from 2-3 apples.
  • Fill the pot that you wish to clean with water and bring to a boil. (This is the perfect time to eat the apples you just peeled!)
  • Add the peels to the boiling water.
  • Allow the mixture to simmer for fifteen minutes.
  • Pour out the mixture and rinse with clean water.

That's it! Also add stained utensils, and they will shine like new. The acid in the peels holds some serious cleansing powers. The house will smell amazing.

This is a simple solution to a common household problem that won't break the bank. Pick up some apples on your next shopping trip.

The Super (Cleaning) Power of Apple Peels