Be honest– How many times have you misplaced your keys in the last week?  Do you know where they are now? I’ve seriously considered purchasing one of those beeping keychain finders–and they aren’t cheap!  I suffer from a self-diagnosed memory condition:  I call it ‘mommy brain’.  I answer cries and respond to arguments with catlike speed, but when it’s time to find my cell phone, I’m a complete nincompoop.  Here’s my secret (; you’ll thank me later.

If you are like me and you want to attempt to improve your memory without taking any drugs, try out now for FREE!  It’s actually a really fun website with memory games–your kids will be kicking you off the computer so they can play!

Here is how to become a member of Lumosity for FREE!

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After becoming a member myself, I quickly found myself hooked on the various games and activities Lumosity has designed to enhance memory, attention, and even creativity! The games are fun and the site is easy to explore.

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