About.com lists "adding images" as one of the top 10 ways to increase traffic to your blog posts. For that matter, Forbes lists visual content as one of the top drivers for high-performing blogs. And as Joanie Demer, KCL co-founder, mentions in her blog post How to Start a Coupon Blog and Make It Profitable in 30 Days, the more people read your blog, the more money it will make for you through affiliate marketing. Today there are many ways to use images to boost traffic (a.k.a. "send readers") to your blog. This post will highlight some of the most popular and easiest ways that you can implement for yourself!

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Adding images in a WordPress blog 

In her post, Joanie gives you instructions for launching a blog in WordPress.

Here are simple instructions for adding images to a WordPress blog post:

  • Open your WordPress blog and go to the "Dashboard" (upper left hand corner).
  • Hover your mouse over "Posts" and select "Add New."
  • Write your blog post.
  • Place your mouse cursor by the spot where you want to insert the image.
  • Click on "Media" (left-hand column) to bring up your Media Library.
  • Either choose an existing image, or next to Media Library, click on "Add New" to upload your image.
  • Add a caption (right-hand sidebar) if you like. Also be sure to add in your copyright credit.
  • Click "Insert into Post" to add the image into the body of your blog post.
  • To adjust placement and size, click on the image itself, and that will bring up the "Edit Pencil" icon. Click on that icon and select your alignment, size, and link preferences.
  • Linking an image to another URL—for instance, to your affiliate link, to another blog post with high traffic, or to a previous post on your blog—is another good way to boost traffic.

A word about image copyrights

In the blogosphere as elsewhere, it is important not to use anyone else's material—text, images, or other—without proper permission and giving appropriate credit. Sometimes it can be very hard to tell which images are available for re-use, however! To make this easier, here is a list of free (or extremely inexpensive) online image resources where bloggers often go to find great images to pair with their post content. Each resource gives you guidelines for how to re-use the images you find there just by clicking on the links below.

3 Great ways to use images to attract blog readers

1. Select an existing SEO ("Search Engine Optimized") image for each blog post.

When you type in your topic in a search engine's browser, it will generate a list of links and also a series of images. These images are already associated with your topic through a set of relevant keywords.

Want to see how this works for yourself?

  • Open your browser and type in "can adding images boost blog traffic?" (this is the query I used to research this tip).
  • Now, notice how a page full of links pops up.
  • Look up at the top of the page and see a menu button titled "Images."
  • Click on "Images" and notice all the images that pop up.
  • Many of these images are available for reuse with proper copyright credit (clicking on each individual image will tell you whether an image may be available for reuse)!

2. "Pin" your blog posts on Pinterest.

If you have a Pinterest account (or want to start one), pinning each of your blog posts inside Pinterest in a special Board created for your blog can be a great way to reach out to new readers who will visit your blog.

Here are some tips:

  • Keep your title the same on Pinterest as it is on your blog.
  • Include one image from your blog post (since Pinterest is image-driven).
  • Add a link back to your blog post.
  • Add a short summary or quote from the blog post content.

3. Take original photos and add them to your blog posts.

If a photo, image, or graphic is available for re-use and becomes popular, it may start showing up in several places at once. For this reason, if you are able to capture your own original images for your blog posts, you do your content (and your profit-earning potential) a favor!

As a bonus, copyright becomes a cinch because you own your own copyright to your original images. Plus, because it is an image you snapped yourself, no other blogger will be featuring the same exact image. You can use a photo editor (like Instagram) to create extra-fancy images, or just grab images from your smartphone and associate them with your content.

By choosing compelling images appropriate to your content (or even going one better and adding video!) you give each blog post its best shot at generating more readers…and more affiliate income for you!

How to Use Images to Boost Traffic to Your Blog Posts