At Krazy Coupon Lady headquarters, we care a lot about a lot of things: saving money, finding deals, shooting each other with nerf guns, and even watching The Bachelor. But, that’s not all. We’re also passionate about helping refugees, particularly those in our community of Boise, Idaho. There’s no better group we could use our deal-finding skills to support, so we’ve chosen to partner with refugee families through the IRC and a local elementary school where refugees make up over 50% of the student population.

For the third year in a row, we filled fifty backpacks with school supplies for refugee kids who will be attending school in the US for the first time this fall. We shopped back-to-school deals for four weeks and paid pennies on the dollar for many of the pencils, erasers, paper, calculators, rulers, and binders we stuffed into the backpacks, assembly-line style.

And we filled fifty backpacks complete with everything these kids need for a successful start to the school year.

We decided 50 backpacks weren’t enough this year. So, we stocked up wherever possible and stuffed 20 extra boxes with our school supply overrun, and delivered them to the staff at Taft Elementary in Boise, Idaho, where over half of the 360 students that started school today are refugees.

We found a couple teachers who were willing to let us in. What is it with teachers and school supplies?

Why are we telling you this? As we expand our efforts in the next year, we’ll be working more closely within our local community and our KCL community to use our money-saving expertise to pay it forward. If you want to get involved with refugees in your community, look up your local chapter of the International Rescue Committee or google “[your city] refugees” to find a local organization. And stick around KCL where we’ll be letting you know about opportunities to join our efforts! #kclgives


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