Using apps to earn extra money is one of the easiest ways to rack up cash over time.

Here are a few “old faithful” apps we love and a few you may not know about yet.


1. Earn $7.25 to take photos of beer at Fred Meyer with EasyShift.

Complete quick tasks at stores and get paid.

You can take photos of product displays, rate a current promotion, or check prices.

The best part? No minimum to cash out! Get paid via PayPal within 48 hours.

EasyShift pays pretty well too; for example, get $7.25 for taking a pic of the beer display at Fred Meyer or $4.25 to check on the pastry display at Fred Meyer.

Download EasyShift and start getting paid to do simple tasks.


2. Earn $3-12 for each in-store task you complete with FieldAgent.

Sign up with FieldAgent and start completing tasks like taking photos of displays, answering questions about in-store products, or rating consumer displays.

With FieldAgent, you only have two hours to complete the task, so be sure you’re ready to work!

Download FieldAgent and start earning today.


3. Make $1 for every 200 videos you watch with AppTrailers.

Basically, you watch videos for cash.

Each app trailer is roughly 25 seconds long, and you’ll earn five points for every viewing. Ten points = $0.01.

So, while it may take a while to do, you can earn roughly $30-$40/month if you do this consistently in your spare time!

Download AppTrailers to start watching and earning today.



4. Earn Amazon gift cards and more with the CheckPoints app.

Check in on the app before you enter a store, and get a list of items you can scan while shopping in exchange for points.

For example, you might enter Target and see that you can earn points for scanning (but not necessarily buying) items like egg whites (25 points), dish soap (25 points), and cat treats (25 points).

It’s kind of like an in-store scavenger hunt. Once you save up enough, 3,350 points is good for a $10 Amazon gift card.

Download CheckPoints to start earning, and get an instant 20 points.


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5. Earn free gift cards while shopping with Shopkick.

Get kicks (points) every time you check in at a store, scan certain products, purchase products, scan receipts, refer friends, and more.

For example, you can earn 25 kicks by walking into Target.

You’ll have 285 opportunities to earn 10-25 points for scanning certain items, and you’ll get around 150-200 kicks for making certain purchases. You’ll see the points add up fast.

Then, turn your points in for free gift cards! For example, 500 kicks = $2 Target gift card, or 2,500 kicks = $10 Sephora gift card.

Download Shopkick to start earning your kicks today.

6. Make $5-20 for uploading photos of your menu with Gigwalk.

Sign up and start searching for “gigs” in your area.

After you complete whatever gigs you sign up for like taking pictures of menus, prices, products, or trying out websites, your payment will be deposited in your PayPal account. Most gigs range from $5-$20.

Download Gigwalk to start earning today.



7. Earn gift cards and cash for shopping online with Swagbucks.

Earn points for answering surveys, shopping, watching videos, and more.

You can earn a $10 Amazon gift card for only 1,000 Swagbucks, which is pretty easy to do — a five-minute survey will earn you 50 Swagbucks.

I also use these 10 tips to make an extra $100/month with SwagBucks.

Download Swagbucks and start earning free cash.


8. Get $11 just for redeeming your first offer with Ibotta.

I earn about $500/year using Ibotta, and it’s actually pretty fun to use.

Look for retail and restaurant rebates before making your purchases, and you can get anywhere from $0.50-$20 back for scanning the barcode and snapping a pic of your receipt.

It’s one of our favorite cash-back apps for groceries, and you’ll earn $5 for referring friends too.

Download Ibotta before your next shopping trip.



9. Earn cash or gift cards by taking photos of your daily life with IconZoomer.

The assignments will fit into your daily life, like take a photo of your dinner/shoes/favorite movie.

The photos must be decent quality to receive the credit, but most assignments are worth around five credits.

Once you reach 200 credits, you can cash out for a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Download IconZoomer to start snapping photos today.


While we do have affiliate links in this article, we can assure you no one’s gettin’ rich over here. Just trying to pay the bills, people.


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