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Don’t have a large following on social media? That’s okay. There are still ways to make money doing some pretty easy tasks with your social media accounts. (And if you have a large following, you’re set!) We found four platforms you can use to start racking up some extra cash.


1. Earn up to a 35% commission with CoSign when you tag your clothing and beauty items.

If you like to share your latest clothing or beauty product purchases on social media, CoSign is definitely for you. CoSign gives you the ability to earn money by ‘tagging’ your items. When anyone purchases an item through your tag, you can make up to 35% in commission.

Like I said, you don’t need a large social media following to make money, but the more people in your network, the more money you’ll make. CoSign works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The cash-out minimum is $40 via PayPal, check, or gift card to a particular retailer.

Download CoSign for iOS (currently unavailable for Android).


2. Make $1 on a single tweet or $75 on an Instagram photo with IZEA.

IZEA connects you with big brands like Dole, Cliff, Hallmark, etc. by giving you opportunities to bid on work with your favorite brands. Opportunities range from writing sponsored content if you have a blog to posting sponsored tweets or branded Facebook and Instagram posts. Not only can you bid, but advertisers can also reach out directly to you with opportunities.

Payout for tasks varies, but we’ve seen $1 per tweet and $75 for an Instagram photo!

With a free account, you can place three bids per month and cash out when you reach $100. Or, pay $1 per month for unlimited bids and a $50 cash-out threshold per month. You’ll cash out through PayPal.

Create an IZEA account to start bidding.


3. Share links to products via Share Magnet and earn $0.08-$0.50 per click!

When you create an account with Share Magnet, you’ll gain access to links you can share on your social media accounts. These links come from business owners who want to spread awareness about their product or service. For example, maybe you’d share a link to a hair care product for people who want to grow thicker hair.

Best part? You don’t need a large following on social media! Share Magnet works with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Once you meet the minimum, cash out via PayPal.

Create a Share Magnet account here.


4. Join MyLikes and earn up to $50 to write or share content.

When you sign up for MyLikes, you’ll be able to create your own ‘Social Website’ where you can share advertisers’ links with your followers and create your own content.

Choose your own domain name, customize the theme on your page, and then you’ll see the links you can share to earn revenue. You’ll also be able to see data showing how your links do when you share them. This way, you can track engagement to help you earn even more!

For best results, choose a particular subject for your website (like cooking, teaching, tech, etc). You’ll grow a specific following, and people will know what you’re an ‘expert’ on.

You’ll earn on a per-click basis depending on the traffic you bring to your website from the links you share. Cash out once per week via PayPal when you hit the $20 minimum. Or, you can opt for direct deposit once you hit the $50 minimum.

Are you a social media fiend? What are your tips and tricks for earning using your social media accounts? Share in the “Comments.”


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