It’s that time of year again!

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and it’s time for…wait for it…Taxes!

Oh stop. Let me ask you this: Are you looking for an easier (cheaper) way to file your taxes? If you’re somewhat in the know when it comes to filing and you’re not dealing with business ownership, rental properties, or tons of tax write-offs, I’ve found is an inexpensive, easy way to file taxes.

What’s more, as a fan of a different, fancier tax software (to the tune of $249 to file), I filed with for the first time this year and, even with a move and filing in two states, found E-File to be far less expensive and pretty ridiculously simple–even when compared to other tax software promising me more money back.

First, sign up so you can check them out as I did!


1. I signed up for in just a couple of quick steps.

From sign-up to completion, the entire process is like cake (#carbswhatcarbs). Within just a few quick questions, I was already inputting W-2 forms and 1098s like the pro that I am (not. But I felt a lot like one, thanks to this software). Before you even dive into your return, suggests a list of documents to have on hand to make the process simple. Before I sat down, I grabbed the documents, still expecting complications. I was beyond pleasantly surprised (and totally glad to be wrong on this one).

Tax Tip: Save your tax documents in a safe place for 7 years after filing. You never know when a question might crop up, so you want to make sure you keep those receipts and forms somewhere safe.


2. I filed with‘s software in just 20 minutes.

Wherever there was a question prompt (pop-up), I could seek out information for every single step (and I did, just to see how helpful the software is). It was pretty terrific. The software even took the initiative to look for ways to keep more tax dollars in my pocket without asking a ton of extra questions. What’s more, when you owe money, they make it super simple to pay (I used my rewards credit card to earn bonus points. Cha-ching!).

Tax Tip: Did you bake cookies for a fundraiser last year? You can deduct those ingredients from your taxes (but be sure to keep the receipts).



3. saved me $225 over other tax software…

It’s not a huge, frilly fat deal in terms of tax software, but you don’t really need bells and whistles when it comes to filing when you’re not dealing in a lot of extraneous documentation. Even with a state tax inclusion and a move, the overall cost for filing in Colorado was only $25 (Wyoming requires no income tax). I can’t even get out of McDonald’s for less than that with 2 teenagers. What’s more, we got quite a bit back (even with a state tax payout).

Tax Tip: Pay January’s mortgage before December 31st, and deduct even more interest for the year!


4. …So I gladly paid the $25 to file state taxes.

While the 1040-EZ is a free form to file, the state tax add-on for $25 was such a great deal, I added it gladly. They didn’t push for the sale, but thanks to the ease of use for the federal form (and let’s face it; state taxes can be more confusing than federal taxes) they got it. #shutupandtakemymoney

Tax Tip: Are you self-employed? If so, you can pay your fourth-quarter state estimated taxes in December (instead of January), to increase your itemizing potential!


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5. I filed with a quick push of the button.

Filing and acceptance by the fed and the state was so fast, I thought it was my college roommate all over again (#sorrynotsorry). Not only was filing a cinch, within 24 hours, my taxes were already accepted by both the fed and the state–and on a weekend! Whoa. That was almost a little too easy. You know. Like my college roommate.

Tax Tip: When you e-file, your error rate is reduced to only 1%, as opposed to a 20% error rate when paper filing (largely due to human error when IRS teams enter information manually).

To sum up: Though some of the other, pricier tax programs do everything but floss my toes–and while E-file might not be as full-service as some of those other high-falutin’ softwares–it’s exactly what I need it to be: a reliable, easy and inexpensive way of filing my taxes. We’ll definitely be using again next year! Give it a try and tell us what you think!


UP NEXT: How this single app is even better than tax refunds.


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