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5 Ways to Get Paid to Grocery Shop

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Help people and earn cash.

That’s a killer recipe right there. If you want to make money but hang on to your freedom and flexible schedule, run other people’s errands for them.

We found 5 different ways you can grocery shop or deliver groceries for people and get paid a legit amount of money doing it.


1. Earn $15-$25 per hour shopping for and delivering groceries with Shipt.

Use Shipt to get paid to grocery shop.

Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service where you can shop for and deliver groceries for cash. Once you apply, you’ll go through a thorough background check, in-person interview and once verified, you’ll become a Shipt shopper!

Here’s how it works: Shipt members select groceries from their preferred store through the Shipt app (Available for iOS and Android). Shipt shoppers then select the grocery list they’d like to buy for and deliver the groceries within an hour. You’ll get paid through the Shipt app.

Shipt shoppers can earn $15-$25 an hour for part-time work on an on-demand basis.

Is Shipt available in your city ? (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

The catch? Reviews of Shipt are generally positive with the only catch being there aren’t always as many opportunities to shop as Shipt shoppers would like.

Tip: One perk of being a Shipt shopper is you get your groceries delivered for free! Take advantage of it.


2. Make $20-$25 per hour shopping for and delivering groceries with TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit pays you to run errands for people.

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace for people who need specific “tasks” done. Tasks range from cleaning, packing boxes for moving, building furniture and even buying and delivering groceries!

All you need to do is register for an account here and download the app (iOS) (Android).

As a tasker, you’ll go through an extensive background check and in-person onboarding. Next, you’ll create your own profile and set an hourly rate for your services. Most people charge $20-$25 an hour for grocery services. You’ll link your bank account information and get paid directly inside your TaskRabbit app.

Taskers can do all kinds of odd jobs; shopping for and delivering groceries are just a few examples.

The catch? TaskRabbit reviews aren’t wonderful. When you bid on a job, your accepted bid amount is what you get paid. TaskRabbit charges a service fee of 15% on top of your bid amount, and that’s what the job poster actually pays. Your mileage may vary.

Is TaskRabbit available in your city?

Tip: Find out exactly what a job entails before you accept it, and learn which jobs to snatch and which to pass up. TaskRabbit is an on-demand sort of gig, but that doesn’t mean it’s smart to say yes to every opportunity.



3. Earn $15-$20 per hour shopping for and delivering groceries with Instacart.

Use Instacart to get paid to do other people's grocery shopping.

Instacart is a service specifically for grocery shopping and delivering. There are four options to choose from. If you don’t have a car or want to work part-time, you can shop for orders in-store (no delivery). You can also become a part-time cashier to check out orders.

If you have a car, you can become an independent contractor and work as many hours as you want delivering groceries. You have the option to shop and deliver, too! (Is Instacart in your city?)

While the hourly rate depends on the option you choose, most people make about $15-$20 an hour. You can cash out via the Instacart app (iOS) (Android).

Once you apply, you’ll undergo a background check and attend an in-person session and then you can start work within one week. Opportunities are on an on-demand basis, although it’s not unrealistic to aim for a part-time or even a full-time schedule. (Want more ideas for flexible gigs that pay?)

The catch? Instacart reviews are generally positive. The biggest complaint is that if you’re shopping for and delivering groceries, you might spend a lot of time waiting in the grocery store parking lot for an order to come through on your shift. Instacart doesn’t pay for your time or operating expenses, like gas in your car–only for your completed orders.

Tip: Find other ways to earn money with your smartphone so you’re still getting paid while you wait for a shopping assignment.


4. Make $10-$15 an hour shopping for and delivering groceries with Postmates.

Postmates pays you to run errands for other people.

Postmates is an on-demand delivery service for lunch, dinner, office supplies and more. Postmate couriers can get paid to shop for and deliver groceries, too! Opportunities are roughly part-time and on an on-demand basis.

Postmate members use the app (iOS) (Android) to post their grocery list. As a courier, you’ll get notified about tasks in your area (similar to Lyft or Uber), and you can choose to accept a task or not. Find out if Postmates is available in your area.

Before you can start, you’ll go through a background check and in-person orientation. You can cash out via the Postmates app.

The catch? The money may not be what it seems. Postmates charges a delivery fee depending on distance, and they apply a service charge of 9% as well. Couriers keep 80% of this, plus tips. Postmates says you can make $25 an hour, but users say it’s more like $10-$15 an hour.


5. Earn $10-$15 an hour buying and delivering groceries with Favor.

Do a "Favor" for other people and earn cash.

Favor is similar to Postmates in that you can deliver a lot of stuff in addition to groceries.

Members request a “favor” through the app (iOS) (Android) and a runner will be assigned to complete the task.

Favor charges members a delivery and processing fee as well as a tip fee. The average hourly rate a runner can make ranges between $10 to $15, and opportunities are on a part-time on-demand basis. You’ll get paid through the app as well. Find out if Favor is available in your city.

Apply to be a Favor runner and you’ll go through a background check and training program before you start.

The catch? You have to respond quickly in order to get your preferred schedule. If you wait too long, someone else with snatch it up.


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