Recently, I was at Target for my weekly shopping expedition, and I had one of those wonderful cashiers who was very understanding of my couponing endeavors. While I was smiling over my savings, she asked if I was a REDcard member. My first response was, “No thanks, I don’t need a credit card.” She smiled and said, “No, you don’t have to sign up for the credit card. There’s a debit card option and you can use it like a rewards card.” I was skeptical, but she was so kind and friendly that I continued to listen to her sales pitch. Fifteen minutes later, I was signed up!

All I had to do was answer a few questions on the credit card machine — my name, address, the last four digits of my social security number — and I gave her a blank check to run through the register to connect to my checking account. Then I selected a password for the account, and I was done. She provided me with a receipt that had a temporary code to scan until I received my card in the mail.  I used it that very day and received five percent off my balance!

So why should you consider a Target REDcard? Here are 6 reasons:

1. 5% back on every purchase

You get five percent off your total purchase when you use your REDcard, even online! Just swipe the card and enter your pin code. I love using my manufacturer and Target coupons at checkout and watching my total quickly decrease. Adding another five percent savings on top of my already low balance is amazing!

2. Free shipping at

Every time I shop and use my REDcard, I get free shipping. And the best thing is, there’s no minimum purchase. Plus, I get an extra 30 days to do a return! How awesome is that? And don’t forget–on top of the free shipping, I’ve already received five percent off of my online purchase by using my Target REDcard!

3. Get cash back at checkout

Instead of going to an ATM to get cash, just use your REDcard to get up to $40 cash back when you check out! It’s a much safer option than going to an ATM, anyway. Again, remember to make sure there is enough money in your checking account to cover your expenditures.

4. Manage your REDcard account online and on your phone

I love anything that saves me time and money. Tracking my REDcard account on my iPhone saves me time! Being able to check my REDcard transactions — whether online or via my phone — makes my life easier.

5. Donate money to your child’s school

Target allows REDcard holders to donate up to one percent of REDcard purchases to your school of choice, whether it is your child’s school or a neighborhood school. With school funding at an all-time low, this is an excellent way to contribute to the education of kids in your neighborhood from kindergarten through the 12th grade! Just visit the Target website and click on the REDcard at the top to get started.

6. Target tracks suspicious account activity

I guard my finances rigorously and frequently check my accounts to make sure no unauthorized purchases are present. Target will call you if they detect any suspicious activity associated with your REDcard account. Identity Theft is prevalent, and Target is on board with protecting their customers’ information.


Target has become one of my most favorite places to shop since the store allows stacking of store and manufacturer coupons, a five-cent credit for each reusable bag you use, and five percent back and free shipping from their website with my REDcard. Why not get yourself a REDcard and take advantage of the savings?

This is a guest post by Tammy from St. Pauls, NC
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6 Reasons to Use the Target REDcard Debit Card