Whether I'm exercising, doing housework or taking a stroll, I love listening to music. Sometimes I turn on the radio, but I much prefer keeping my music digitally so it's at my fingertips and ready for me to play, in the order I want, anytime. Still, I could easily go broke by downloading too many songs. A dollar here, ten dollars there—it really adds up!

Luckily, there are legal ways to get quality music for free, no strings attached. Here are some of my favorite ways to get electronic music files without paying a cent:

1. Rolling Stone

Get a free song every day of the week through Rolling Stone magazine's daily download option. The best part? You don't even have to subscribe to the magazine to get it! You can also learn more about the artist and song, which is a great way to expand your musical tastes. The background and photo provided on each group helps you appreciate the music in a new way.

2. MyCokeRewards

It takes just 25 MyCokeReward points (which is the equivalent of codes from two 12-packs or eight 16 ounce twist-top drinks) to buy a $2 Amazon MP3 credit. A code is sent via email that can be applied to an Amazon purchase for individual songs or towards an album. Since many songs start at just 69 cents, two dollars is enough to score two or three songs. If you're not yet a member of MyCokeRewards, click here to learn about the benefits and how to sign up for free.

3. People Magazine

People magazine sometimes offers an entire group of songs for free, like these 10 country music downloads we told you about last year. I previously got a 6-song Biggest Loser workout remix of songs by popular artists, which I listen to all the time. Although those downloads are no longer available, through Nov. 15, log in to get 7 country music downloads from artists like The Band Perry, Steve Wariner, Pistol Annies and more.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks loves featuring new artists and genres—as well as already established names like Adele, Sheryl Crow and Kings of Leon—on their store playlists, which they make available to customers through their weekly free download. Stop in-store to get a card with a "song of the week" code from the featured artist. Can't make it in store? Check this site to see the latest releases and offers. Be on the lookout, too, for future multi-song playlists, like this 8-song compilation that was available this summer.

5. Recycle Bank

We love Recycle Bank because it yields free items for registrants while helping them learn about eco-friendly living. You can redeem 2500 points for various kinds of gift cards, including a current offer for a $10 iTunes card. Completing various online tasks, it takes me about six months to earn that many points. But considering I can get more than one free song a month from that $10 card, that's time well spent for me!

6. Amazon freebies

Amazon offers free songs, organized in a "Top Free" format each week along with "Free Albums." Log in to your Amazon account, and click the "Amazon MP3 Store" link. Scroll through, read and hear a sample of the songs before downloading. Songs and albums change based on popularity, so check back often to see new offerings. Download away!

Now, it’s your turn: know of any free (and legal) sites, digital file promotions, or music giveaways? Share them in the “Comments” section below!

6 Ways to Get Free Digital Music