Finding the best back-to-school backpacks that kids will actually want to wear, at a reasonable price point, AND with a decent warranty can be kinda difficult (this is me every fall).

Kids are hard on backpacks, and even if you only spend a few bucks and get an insane deal, you might find yourself forking over even more when your kid chucks his backpack into a tree and the strap rips off when he tries to pull it out. Sigh.

If you’re having trouble finding a good backpack with a warranty, look no further. I’ve curated a list of the best bags with all-around great prices and that come with a warranty you can take to the bank.

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A quick refresher on backpack warranties and how they work.

After the company decides whether or not your claim fits the warranty criteria (like if it gets chucked into a tree), they’ll contact you with next steps.

Most companies provide warranties for damage and defects caused by the manufacturer, like a bad zipper or bad stitching. Almost no warranty will cover normal wear and tear or damage caused after what they consider the typical lifetime of the product.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll still need to contact the company if you believe your claim is covered by a warranty. We’ve provided links below to return and warranty policies so you can save yourself some time!

NOTE: A lifetime warranty often refers to the typical lifetime of the product, not of a human lifetime.


1. Snag an Eastport bag for $17.99 with a limited lifetime warranty.

Eastport always has affordable, reliable products, and the same goes for their Eastsport mesh backpack for just $17.99.

All Eastsport products come with a limited lifetime warranty.


2. Skip Hop toddler backpacks for $22 have 2-year limited warranties.

Seriously though, some of these Skip Hop bags only cost $22 and they’re perfect for kindergartners!

Be sure to check out the two-year limited warranty, too.


3. Columbia’s Classic Outdoor Daypack is only $21 with a warranty included.

Columbia’s Classic Outdoor bag is more stylish and intended for outdoor use, but it looks great for a middle or high schooler (or heck, even your senior headed to college).

Check their one-year limited warranty as well.


4. Buy your teen a JanSport Superbreak backpack for $35 if you’re not sure what to buy.

Bags like JanSport’s Superbreak backpack feature a straightforward and simple design, making it the perfect backpack for your teen if you’re not sure what on earth to get them.

Is there a warranty? Yes, just check JanSport’s lifetime warranty for more details.


5. Get an L.L. Bean Original Book Pack for $37 if you want a bag that’ll last.

For $37, L.L. Bean’s Original Book Pack is a steal, especially considering how durable these bags are! I had one when I was in middle school and it lasted me all through high school and even college.

Is there a warranty? Yep. Return it within one year of your purchase if you aren’t happy.



6. Target’s Made By Design backpacks are stylish and cost just $37 with a one-year warranty.

The heather gray Made By Design backpack is exceptionally stylish yet simple, making it a great gift for your soon-to-be college freshman.

Any Target-brand item has a one-year warranty; check Target’s return policy for details.


7. These Teton Sports Kennedy Canvas backpacks on sale for $19.54 come with a lifetime warranty.

The Teton Sports Kennedy Canvas backpack is another safe bag for your child, no matter their age or grade.

Read up on their lifetime warranty page for more details.


8. The Herschel Settlement backpack is $65 but super functional with a warranty.

Herschel’s Settlement backpack is definitely made for students lugging around laptops, water bottles and books. It’s on the pricey end, but you can find it on Amazon on occasion for around $55 – $60.

Herschel products all have a limited lifetime warranty.


9. Buy High Sierra backpacks for as little as $16 with a limited lifetime warranty.

High Sierra’s backpacks range anywhere from $20 to $35. You can stack these with 20% off your first order for email signups and get that price down to $15.99.

Warranty? Yes, and it’s a limited lifetime warranty. Deal!


10. Kipling bags come with a warranty but cost around $80 and up.

Kipling backpacks specialize in style and quality, so you’ll pay a bit more, but they come with a limited warranty up to one year after your purchase if your bag has any defects. You can use a student discount for an additional 15% off, bringing your price down to about $68. You can combine the student discount with other promos, like 15% off sitewide and free shipping.



11. The North Face backpacks are pricey but come with a lifetime warranty.

The North Face backpacks are unsurprisingly expensive, like $80 to $100 or more, and they’re intended for the rugged outdoors enthusiast more so than your little scholar in the classroom.

Still, it’s a hip brand that comes with a lifetime warranty, and they make quality products. Well worth the price if you know your kid will put their bag in a tree. Which mine did. Yes, it was The North Face. And yes, we got a new one.


12. OGIO backpacks have a wide price range and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

OGIO makes backpacks, along with luggage and duffel bags. They range anywhere from $50 to $100 and come with a limited lifetime warranty.


13. Buy a Samsonite bag with a limited lifetime global warranty.

Samsonite specializes in luggage and travel gear, so backpacks fall into their purvey of exceptional products as well.

Grab a Samsonite laptop bag ranging anywhere from $50 to $200 (ouch!) and rest assured in their global warranty if you need to return or exchange your bag.


14. Grab a Swiss Gear backpack for $50 with a three-year limited warranty.

That’s right, Swiss Gear’s backpacks are moderately priced (ranging from $40 to $890 on average) and come with a three-year limited warranty.


15. Eagle Creek backpacks are covered by their “No Matter What” Warranty, which is a sweet deal.

Eagle Creek makes outdoor backpacks, but they also carry “everyday” backpacks which are still outdoorsy but still make sense for students.

They’re sorta pricey ($50+) but come with an unbeatable “No Matter What” warranty and a lifetime warranty.

“No Matter What” covers their lifetime warranty promise plus the guarantee of repair or replacement due to product failure during its lifetime regardless of the cause. Well worth the money, in my opinion!



16. Eddie Bauer backpacks are covered under their Product Guarantee.

Eddie Bauer sells backpacks ranging anywhere from $15 to $90.

In their Product Guarantee, they claim that they also replace any product that “fails to perform as designed.”

Once you’ve picked out and ordered all your new stylish backpacks, don’t forget to check out our back-to-school deals and coupons. And don’t forget to comment if you have a tip or deal you want to share or if you have an experience you want to get off your chest.

16 Best Back-to-School Backpacks with Great Warranties