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Finding the Best Instant Pot Black Friday Deals

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The holiday season equals big dinner season. And although we’ve still got a long time before the holidays roll around again, it’s never too soon to research good deals. If you have an avid cook in your family or friend group, then you probably have had your eye on Instant Pots for a while now. Instant Pots have pretty much been trending everywhere and are a TikTok cheap dinner fave. During Black Friday 2022, we searched high and low to find the best Instant Pot Black Friday deals.

Whether it’s lunch, dinner, or just football party food, an Instant Pot helps you save time and still have good eats. Here’s everything to know about Instant Pot Black Friday deals and how much you can save.


Here are the Best Deals for Instant Pots We Saw in 2022.

While reviewing all the Black Friday deals, we found several great Instant Pot deals that you can grab.

Best Instant Pot Black Friday deals at Amazon

Best Instant Pot Black Friday deals at Target


Best Instant Pot Black Friday deals at Walmart


Best Instant Pot Black Friday deals at Kohl’s


Instant Pot Accessories Early Black Friday Deals from 2022

instant pot steam rack, cake pan, steamer basket, and lid accessories

Instant Pot is a fine product, but as you use it, you may need to add some great accessories to make the experience even better. The accessories don’t go on sale nearly as much as the actual line of Instant Pot pressure cookers, so if you find what you need, grab it while you can. Here are several Instant Pot Black Friday deals on accessories we saw in 2022:


What makes an Instant Pot so great?


The Instant Pot is a pressure cooker that has multiple functions; it’s never been easier to get a meal on the table. The pressure cookers of the past were heavy, hard to set up, use, and clean. Today the Instant Pot is easy to use, has a huge community online, and it’s easy to keep clean and store for later use.

It’s not just used for dinnertime, of course. Instant Pot can also be used for a ton of different meals, like making yogurt, oatmeal, beans, and rice. Perfect yogurt that doesn’t require you to stand over the pot? Sounds like a winner!

Another nice thing about the Instant Pot is that many models come with an air fryer, and the pots themselves can be used to saute vegetables for many things. There are plenty of versatile dishes you can easily make in the Instant Pot, like sticky honey cheesecake, macaroni and cheese, and soy-glazed salmon.



The Perfect Gift for Housewarmings, Graduation, and More


Since you don’t have to be an advanced cook to own an Instant Pot, this line of pressure cookers makes the perfect gift for so many different occasions. New grads can especially benefit from the Instant Pot because it speeds up meals and also helps save money. When you realize that you can throw together a great meal in less time than it takes to get Uber Eats, it gets easy to say goodbye to takeout.

Housewarmings are also a great way to give the gift of Instant Pots because who doesn’t like high-tech cookware? It doesn’t take much to get going with the Instant Pot, and if you’re struggling with picking out the perfect gift, why not add it to your gift list?


Popular Products in the Instant Pot Line

instant pot section at walmart store

You really get to let your imagination run wild with the Instant Pot line of products. The company really wanted to make sure that the product line evolves, so there’s plenty of different products within the brand for shoppers to check out.

There are five different and unique cooking experiences within the Instant Pot line. From the original Instant Pot Duo, which can cook just most things in under an hour, to the Instant Pot Pro Crisp, which has an air fryer included.

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Instant Pot’s History


The cult classic Instant Pot came out in October of 2010. However, 2016 was the banner year for Instant Pot madness, with plenty of people getting into the idea of having food made much faster than in the Crockpot. In fact, a lot of people switched from the time-tested Crockpot and never looked back. The company made sure that the Instant Pot would go viral by offering it originally to 200 bloggers to test out in their own kitchens and give their honest reviews.

The rest is history, and the Instant Pot is definitely here to stay.



The Difference Between a Crockpot and an Instant Pot

The Crockpot is a tried-and-true staple in the kitchen. Just about everyone grew up with at least one slow cooker, even though it’s quite common to have multiple Crockpots on the countertop. The trouble with the Crockpot is that this slow cooker requires you to wait all day for the food to be ready to eat.

Contrast that with the Instant Pot, and you’ll quickly see why it became such a smash hit. This modern pressure cooker can take frozen chicken breasts and turn them into a tasty meal in less than an hour. That’s a much better option than trying to defrost the chicken in a hurry, which often creates mushy spots.

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