Many households are switching from traditional drip coffeemakers to uber-modern single-serve machines. That leaves stacks of leftover coffee filters in your pantry. Also, paper coffee filters are usually available (with coupons) for pennies on the dollar. That's good news, because paper coffee filters are a frugal, useful kitchen and household helper. Try these uses:


  • Ornaments: Wrap individual ornaments in round coffee filters for year-to-year storage. Seal with a twist tie or paper clip. Gently place ornaments into cone filters and layer into boxes.
  • Plate Protectors: Place a filter between plates and never worry about chips or scratches on fine china.
  • Cast Iron: Filters placed inside cast iron cookware and between metal bakeware absorbs moisture and prevents rust.


  • Polishing: Coffee filters are lint free, so they’re ideal for cleaning and/or drying chrome, glass, windows and mirrors.
  • Smudge Busters: Remove smudges from eyeglasses, camera lenses, computer monitors, television screens and portable gadgets.
  • Shoes: Ball up a coffee filter and use to apply shoe polish. Slip a cone filter over your fingers to buff the polish into a shine.


  • Spatters: Use a coffee filter as a bowl or plate topper in the microwave to prevent splatters. They’re reusable.
  • Strainer: Use to perfect soups and stocks, or any thin liquid.
  • Husks: Can’t find corn husks? Use round coffee filters as replacements in Mexican tamales or Puerto Rican pastellitos. Add filling and steam as usual. Time savings and ease of use quickly overcomes any loss in presentation.
  • Tea Bag: Just because the package says coffee doesn't mean you can't use it for another beverage. Fold a favorite loose tea inside a coffee filter and steep in a mug of boiling water.
  • Cheesecloth: Make a quick Bouquet Garni to use in soup or stew. The specialty paper stands up well to hot liquids.


  • Blotters: Press flowers by placing them inside an unbleached filter. Close inside a heavy book.
  • Kids: Use round filters for winter snowflake or snowman crafts.
  • Home: Craft beautiful paper flowers, a lamp, a lantern or wreaths. Ideas here.

Health and beauty

  • Nicks and Cuts: Blot shaving nicks with a bit of coffee filter. Quickly stops bleeding without any sting.
  • Cotton Ball: Quickly remove nail polish.

This has been a guest post by Larilyn  from Oakhurst, CA.
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Brew Up Some Savings: Coffee Filter Uses That Help You Save!