If you’re a dedicated KCL reader, you’ve probably heard all about Swagbucks. I immediately signed up for the site the first time I read about it here and within two days had earned $15 in Amazon gift cards! As I was poking around the site, I decided to search for other ways us “swaggernauts” could earn Swagbucks. Well, it turns out that Swagbucks gets even better, especially if you’re a proud bookworm like I am!

Swagbucks has a book club just for its readers. We discuss books on forums, nominate a book each month for everyone to discuss on the main book club page, and get great suggestions for books based on user-composed book reviews. That last one is more than just an enjoyable literary exercise because Swagbucks will pay you 250 Swagbucks to write a book review! That’s more than halfway toward a $5 Amazon gift card, my payout of choice! Simply write a blurb, submit it for review, and if you’re chosen, receive a great boost to your swag bank! It takes almost the same amount of time to write a review as it does to see if you qualify for one of their surveys. So, bookworms – on your mark, get set, earn!

Here’s your link to get you started.

This has been a guest post by Brittany from Sacramento, CA
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Calling All Bookworms: Earn Gift Cards For Sharing Recommendations