The notion of giving back usually makes people think of giving time and precious dollars. But, there's a powerful way to strengthen your favorite causes using your name, not your wallet. Petition websites give people, charities, and movements the momentum to create serious change. If your passion lies with politics, animals or human rights, you can  help with the click of a mouse.

Great Places to Start Focuses its efforts on individual, rather than broad, issues and causes. Online petitions include a group of factory workers fighting for fair working conditions, a social worker standing up to a special education facility using electric shock treatments, and support for an honors student jailed for missing class. Use their Facebook sharing tool to get your friends involved, too.

CREDO: Primarily caters to general issues and specific laws. For example, a current campaign involves pressuring the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  to phase out a pesticide that is killing vital honeybees. CREDO provides detailed information each cause, and what they hope to achieve. They also send email updates when a campaign needs signatures or when your voice has helped change policy.

Greater Good: Encompasses key areas of animal issues, the rainforest, literacy, breast cancer, veteran's issues, children in need, and autism. In addition to the petitions available, they have a "click to give" button. Each click earns donations to your cause, such as food and care for stray dogs.

Care2 The Petition Site: Combines petitions with other free ways to give. The campaigns fall under several categories which include animals, environment, human rights and politics. Use their butterfly rewards towards donations such as the gift of safe drinking water or planting a tree. Earn 50 credits for signing a petition, 20 for taking on their daily action and 20 commenting on a campaign.

With many of these sites, you can create a petition for a cause that feeds your passions.  Mobilize support with their social media tools, and be proud of your far-reaching influence!

Individual Charities

Though there are a limited number of websites that host petitions from multiple organizations, most individual charity sites are hopping on the petition bandwagon and posting campaigns on their home page. Check your favorites to see if they offer this way to give.

 This has been a guest post by Brittany from Sacramento, CA
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Charity Begins with Budget: Lend Your Voice to Petition Websites