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Custom Cakes Don't Have to Cost a Fortune — Here's Where They're Cheapest

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When it comes to ordering custom cakes for birthdays and other occasions, all of the prices and serving size options can make your brain swirl.

Not every bakery offers the same size cakes, and not every size cake will serve the same number of people. Some 8-inch cakes serve up to 12 people, while other 8-inch cakes claim to serve up to 16 people. So how do you know you’re getting a good deal?

We’ve done all the homework on custom cake pricing right here, so all you have to do is sit back and eat. After you order it, of course.

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1. Get a custom half-sheet cake from Sam’s Club or Costco for just $0.44 – $0.52 per serving.

a woman filling out the bakery form at costco

Sam’s Club and Costco blow the other cake competition right out of the water when it comes down to price per serving.

You can get a half-sheet Sam’s Club cake that serves up to 48 people for just $20.98 ($0.44/serving). The second-cheapest place to order from is the Costco Bakery, where you’ll pay $0.52/serving for a half-sheet cake that serves up to 48 people.

Here’s how the competition stacks up for half-sheet cakes:

cheapest places to buy a custom cake

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2. Round custom cakes are the cheapest at Walmart — only $0.81/serving.

The custom cake catalog book on the counter in the Walmart bakery

If you only need to serve about 16 people, a round cake works great. Walmart’s 8-inch round cake serves 16 people and costs $12.98 — which comes out to $0.81/serving.

But take note of the servings and cake size on a round cake. Costco’s cake is two inches bigger across, meaning the serving sizes will actually be bigger for just $3.01 more. Even though they both claim to feed 16 people.

Walmart’s slightly bigger 10-inch round cake jumps up to $24.98, or $2.50/serving. So if you want a 10-inch round cake instead of an 8-inch round cake, go to Costco to save $1.50/serving.

Here’s how round cakes are priced at these grocery stores:

Graphic showing the Walmart is the cheapest places to buy a round cake based on price per serving.


3. You’ll pay up to $5.20 for custom cake add-ons at Walmart.

Look out for additional costs when purchasing custom cakes. For example, Walmart charges $2.50 for strawberry filling and $5.20 for Bavarian cream filling. And at Publix, you’ll pay $2 – $3 extra for special fillings like fudge or lemon.


4. Unlike other stores, Costco doesn’t accept custom cake orders online.

person filling out costco cake order sheet

In order to get that cheap half-sheet Costco cake, you’ll have to order over the phone or in person at the Costco Bakery. And be aware that the flavor options you can choose from are pretty limited for Costco cakes.

Choose from either a white or chocolate cake and either vanilla or chocolate icing/filling.

All of the other competitors we researched — including Walmart, Publix, and more — allow online ordering on their websites.


5. As a general rule, give a 24- to 48-hour advance notice when you order custom cakes.

Most grocery store bakeries will be able to handle a quick request to add custom lettering on top of a ready-made cake. But don’t expect that to happen with Costco cakes, as they’re firm on the “order in advance” rule.

To be safe, place all your custom cake orders a minimum of 24 – 48 hours before you need them. This will help make sure you get the flavor, style, and lettering of your choice.

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6. Publix ice cream cakes are 25% cheaper than Baskin-Robbins.

The bakery section inside a Publix store

Lots of people might think of Baskin-Robbins as the best place for ice cream cakes, but they’re actually not the cheapest.

An 8-inch round ice cream cake at Publix costs $29.99 — just $9 more than a regular 8-inch round cake at Publix. Compare that to the price at Baskin-Robbins, where a 9-inch round ice cream cake is $39.99.

After Publix, the next cheapest place to order an ice cream cake is Dairy Queen, where you can get a 10-inch round ice cream cake for $31.99.

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7. Get a free smash cake at Albertsons, Publix, and Walmart.

A baby digging into a cake with their hands

Hosting a first birthday party? Get a free smash cake while you’re picking up the bigger cake for the party. Here’s how:

  • Albertsons: Buy a quarter sheet cake or larger to get a free smash cake.
  • Publix: Order an 8-inch round cake or quarter-sheet cake to get a free smash cake.
  • Walmart: Spend $14.98 or more on a custom Walmart Bakery order to get a free smash cake.


8. Pay up for a custom photo cake, or create your own with a photo topper on Amazon.

yuor picutre here amazon cake topper

Custom photo cakes can come with a substantial extra fee — up to $8.99 extra at Baskin-Robbins and $10 extra at Albertsons.

Instead, save money by doing it yourself with these custom photo cake toppers on Amazon for $7.99.


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