Have you ever noticed that when you visit a new online retailer's website, a little window often pops up offering anywhere between 10-25% off your first purchase as a new customer? While the offer is always tempting, I find that usually when I visit a website for the first time, I'm just getting a feel for their merchandise and am not quite ready to make a purchase. But a couple days later (after remembering that cute little necklace, dress, coffee table, etc.) when I’m ready to buy, that window with a deal fails to appear. Did I already miss out on that initial new customer discount? Not necessarily.

An easy trick that will allow you to take advantage of that “first time” benefit is to clear your computer cache. By clearing your Internet browser’s cache, the website will recognize you as a new visitor, and once again offer you the original discount. The method for clearing your cache varies depending on what browser you use but is fairly simple to do. Below are links to helpful websites detailing how to clear your cache on major browsers so you too can benefit as a “new” customer.


How to clear your browser’s cache

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Clear Your Cache for More Savings