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6 Common Items from the Early 2000s That Are Worth Money Now

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The early 2000’s might not seem like the “old days” yet, but they’re rapidly on their way to becoming “vintage.”

Take advantage of our modern fascination with nostalgia by checking your attic for these common things from the early 2000’s that just might be worth some money to someone:


1. Pokemon cards

This is a no-brainer, especially with the popularity of the Pokemon GO app recently. Pokemon has become a hot-ticket item again for both kids and adults.

Even in the early 2000’s that Charizard card was rare and valuable. Now, a mint condition holographic Charizard card is worth around $5,000. More if you have a special edition or rare test card.

  • Worth: Between $1-$25,000 (depending on your card)
  • What will get you the most $$: Charizard


2. Furbies

If you didn’t burn your Furby in a fire-fueled rage from never being able to make it stop talking, you’re in luck. Even used, some Furbies are worth money, but a new-in-box Furby from 2005 is selling on eBay right now for $1,000.

That’s right: someone, somewhere, is paying $1,000 to own a Furby.

  • Worth: Between $10-$1,000 (depending on the model)
  • What will get you the most $$: New-in-box Furbies with insanely rare color combinations (like the highly sought-after pink Furby with orange eyes)



3. Outdated cell phones

Because tech gadgets spoil faster than ripe bananas, cell phones are basically disposable. Heck, your phone company will even give you a new one for free every two years!

But I bet you didn’t know that your super-outdated phone from the last decade will make you some money. Not only is there a collector’s market for “rare” cell phones, but you can get some serious cash for selling your ancient phone online. People buy them for the parts.

  • Worth: Up to $100
  • What will get you the most $$: Older phones from the early 2000’s; phones that still work and include a charger


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4. Band or concert T-shirts

Remember Slipknot? Well, their old concert tees are “vintage” now and worth some money. You can buy one on eBay for around $65.

If you have any band shirts lying around from your own high school days but wouldn’t be caught dead in them yourself, consider selling them online for some serious cash.

  • Worth: Between $10-$75
  • What will get you the most $$: Never worn T-shirts. Or ironically very, very well worn “distressed” T-shirts from popular pop-rock bands like Korn, Marilyn Manson, and Gwar will also snag a pretty penny.


5. Happy Meal toys

Blame this one on nostalgia too: Happy Meal toys from the early 2000’s are now worth a decent amount. Adults are happy to share their own beloved toy experiences with their own children (though in the case of truly vintage Happy Meal toys, this isn’t always safe!)

If you have old Happy Meal toys collecting dust, consider cleaning them off and putting them up for sale on eBay. They’re not going to make you a millionaire (sorry, Mom!) but you just might make back the cost of your original Happy Meal.

  • Worth: Between $10-150
  • What will get you the most $$: Sets of Happy Meal toys still in their packaging, or branded toys such as Disney or Barbie



6. Old cereal boxes

You did read that correctly. There is such a thing as “vintage food.”

Gross, you say? Maybe, but it almost might be worth something. Cereal boxes get branded with all kinds of characters, and today those boxes themselves can be worth some dough. Even more if they still contain the actual cereal.

Right now on eBay a set of four unopened Simpsons-branded Kellogg’s cereal is selling for $60. That kind of cash will buy you a lot of nice, new edible cereal!

  • Worth: $5-$1,000
  • What will get you the most $$: Unopened boxes, complete sets of character boxes, or Wheaties boxes with famous athletes on them


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