I come from a family of movie lovers. One of our many family traditions is to watch our favorites together over (and over and over) again. We also joke around by repeating favorite movie lines back to each other. Whether I’m with my family or solo, I’ll always have an ongoing love affair with the cinema. But as cinema movie prices continue to skyrocket, I have been challenged to find cheaper ways to indulge my passion.

In this post, you can learn more about one of my favorite free resources to watch free films, television shows, trailers and more—Crackle.

How to get Crackle

You can watch Crackle online or download apps and software to link Crackle to your smart platforms at home and on the go.

1. Crackle Online

2. Crackle Mobile

The Crackle 411

Here are some Crackle facts to help you decide if this is the best app for the film lover in you.

  • Crackle has an ever-growing database of more than 20 million users.
  • The app consistently appears in movie lovers' favorites list, and is even beginning to produce its own original content.
  • Unlike many free movie apps, Crackle actually has a good selection of current blockbuster hits as well as vintage public domain classics.
  • You can also watch television programs, anime, cartoons and more.
  • The Wi-Fi option helps you watch without eating up your data minutes.

How to use Crackle

There are several ways you can use Crackle. Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to get started.

  1. Register with Crackle online: While registering is not technically necessary, if you like to create watchlists to remember what you want to view next, registering is the way to do this on Crackle.
  2. Sign in for the first time: This way, you can begin browsing and creating your watchlist
  3. Visit the Watchlists page to view Crackle's recommendations for what to watch next: One thing Crackle gets consistently high marks for with viewers is their genres. You can browse "Creature Features," "Award-Worthy Movies," "90s Flashback," "Award-Winning Documentaries," "True Bromance," "All You Need is Rock," "Gold-Standard TV," and many more.
  4. Visit the Trailers page to view trailers for films coming to theaters and more: On this page you can view trailers for films not yet released, films still in theaters, new games and more. Bookmark them to be notified of when they’re released on Crackle.
  5. Subscribe to Crackle's free e-newsletter for updates about new content: All you need to subscribe is an email address, your date of birth (because Crackle enforces age-appropriate content) and your country.
  6. Download Crackle's apps to watch anywhere, anytime, from any "smart" platform: Options include iOS and Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK tablets, Apple TV, Sprint TV and T-Mobile TV, and Blackberry.






Crackle: A Great, Free App to Watch Your Favorite Films