Saving money is awesome, but who doesn’t love earning a little extra as well?

If you don’t feel like you have the time for a side hustle, you can do these three things right now to earn a little extra money of your own!


1. Install Slidejoy on your phone and make up to $2.50.

Slidejoy could not be easier! It’s an app that pays you to host ads on your Android phone’s lock screen.

You can earn up to $10 a month just by having your lock screen as advertising space. We tried using Slidejoy to make some passive income, and we loved it!

Download Slidejoy and turn your phone into a moneymaker today.


2. Trade in your old electronics at Target and make $75 right away!

Got any old gadgets lying around you don’t use?

You can take them to Target and trade them in for Target gift cards! And who doesn’t want more Target gift cards?

Not all electronics qualify, so make sure you double check online. You can read all about the process of trading in electronics at Target here!

Check the Target Trade-In website to see if there’s a Target participating in your area!



3. Meet your fitness goals and earn up to $5 per week with PACT.

PACT is a fitness app that pays you to keep your promises — to yourself!

You set goals, and for every goal or “pact” you meet, you get paid! Usually you can make up to $5.00 a week, or $20 a month!

Read more about PACT and other ways to get paid to work out if you’re looking to make money while you get fit.

Sign up with PACT and start getting paid to go for a run!




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