With all the advances in technology these days, I sometimes forget that not all people read books off of iPads and Kindles. In fact, there are millions of people who can’t even read paper books because they don’t have access to literature like we do. I want the children in Africa to know about Wilbur, the amazing pig in Charlotte’s Web,  and the strange, rhyming world of Dr. Seuss. But with such a limited budget, I find it hard to find funds I can easily donate to charities on a regular basis. I love to read, though, so using my love for literature to help the poor would be ideal, and if there’s a way for me to do two things at once, I’m all for it! With Better World Books, I am able to purchase textbooks and literature for up to 90% off retail value while donating at the same time. For every new or used book that I purchase, Better World Books will donate a publication to a child in need as well as to literacy programs like Books for Africa, Worldfund, Room to Read and the National Center for Families Learning. Give the gift of reading to someone in the farthest corners of the world at discounted prices you’ll love.

Make a Difference While Buying Books for up to 90% Off