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Free Comic Book Day: How to Grab a Free Comic Book on May 3, 2025

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The 24th annual Free Comic Book Day will be Saturday, May 3, 2025, and we’ve got a list of the many shops that will be handing out free comic books.

Whether you’re a comic book newbie or an avid collector, Free Comic Book Day is the perfect way to get into comics and grow your collection. What can you expect in 2025 for Free Comic Book Day? For some idea, here's a look back at the Gold and Silver titles offered during the last Free Comic Book Day event. Plus, we have tips on how you can maximize your freebies on Free Comic Book Day and how it all works. Don't worry; we'll update with next year's free titles as soon as we get the details.

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Free Comic Book Day is an annual event where comic book sellers give away free comic books.

On Free Comic Book Day every year, more than 2,000 comic book shops worldwide give away free comic books to customers. The event was founded in 2002 by comic book retailer Joe Field, aiming to attract new readers, promote local comic book shops, and celebrate the art form of comics. Special comic books, including reprints of popular titles and original stories, are offered for free to anyone who visits a participating store.

The next Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 3, 2025.


Every year Free Comic Book Day takes place on the first Satudary in May. That means the next Free Comic Book Day will take place Saturday, May 3, 2025. Check your local participating comic book shop’s operating hours to find out when you can get your free comic books.

Want to plan for next year? Free Comic Book Day is always on the first Saturday of May.

Check the Free Comic Book Day store locator to find a participating store near you.

Someone looking at the comic shop locator on the Free Comic Book Day website

Before you head to your local comic book store, check the Free Comic Book Day store locator to see if they’re participating in the event. This event is held at independently owned comic book stores, so you won’t find this deal at retailers like Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million.

All you have to do to receive your free comic book is just let them know that you’re there for your freebie.

NOTE: Some libraries are participating in Free Comic Book Day. Their information can be found using the store locator, too.

Every participating Free Comic Book Day store offers well known titles such as Batman, Spider-Man, Umbrella Academy, and more.

Every participating store during Free Comic Book Day offers 12 “Gold Sponsor” titles which include a wide range of stories, from Spider-Man to Disney Encanto & Turning Red New Adventures. Here’s what they offered during the last Free Comic Book Day event:

  • Blood Hunt X-Men #1

  • Disney's Encato & Turning Red New Adventures

  • Energon Universe Special

  • Hellboy Stranger Things

  • Jonny Quest

  • Pokemon Ruby Alpha Sapphire & Splattoon 3

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • The Worlds of James Tynion IV

  • Ultimate Universe Spider-Man #1

  • Unicorn Crush

  • Witches of Brooklyn #1

NOTE: Will your Free Comic Book Day titles be worth anything in the resell market? It all depends on the title, condition of the comic, and how rare the issue is. But you’ll likely have to hang on to the comic for years.

Select locations will give away even more comic books.

A man flips through one of the issues offered on free comic book day

The “Gold Sponsor” comics are provided to all participating comic book stores for free as part of the Free Comic Book Day program, but there’s a whole separate group of titles — the Silver Sponsor comics. Not every shop has these additional titles because while they’re also free to readers, stores have to order them at their own expense.

Plus, the number of free Silver Sponsor comics that a store orders can vary based on their budget and anticipated demand. So it’s best to check with your local comic book store to see what titles they’ll have available on Free Comic Book Day.

Here’s what the Silver Sponsor giveaway titles were during the last Free Comic Book Day event:

  • Archie Horror Presents Cursed Library Prelude

  • Asterix Olympics Special

  • Boom Box 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

  • Conan Barbarian Battle Black Stone

  • Cursed Universe Blighted Dawn

  • Doctor Who Fifteenth Doctor

  • Dying Inside

  • Eye Lie Popeye #1

  • Far Cry Cull the Herd #1

  • Flash Gordon #0

  • Gannibal

  • Gatchaman #0

  • Initial D & Kaina of Great Snow

  • Investigators Class Action

  • Katie Catsitter Max Meow Mashup #1

  • Loud House Special

  • Maleficent #1

  • Marvel & Fantagraphics Present Atlas Comics Library

  • Marvels Voices #1

  • Monster High

  • Night Librarian

  • One Piece Aces Story & Status Royale

  • Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics

  • Romeo vs Juliet Kill Shakespeare

  • Snoopy Beagle Scout Adventures

  • Spidey His Amazing Friends #1

  • Star Wars #1

  • Star Wars Plants Vs Zombies

  • Street Fighter vs Final Fight

  • The Valiants

  • Tons Of Strange

  • Ultraduck Sampler

  • Unico Awakening

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Visit multiple comic book stores to get the most free comic books.

Each store decides how many comics people can receive; some let you only take one per person, while others let you have one copy of each of the titles they have. It’s best to check with your local store to see what they’re planning.

But if you’re dead set on getting all of the titles, you might map out visiting multiple participating comic book stores.

You can always read comic books at your local library.

Yep, many libraries have comic books! Comics, graphic novels, and manga have become super popular lately, and libraries have noticed. They have really great collections of these materials nowadays.

Some libraries have special sections just for comics, while others mix them in with other books. A lot of libraries also have digital comics and graphic novels that you can access through their website or app.

Here are some of the best library apps that you can use to find free comics:

NOTE: Not every library participates with these apps, so make sure to check your local library to see which app they are using.

Read free comic books all year long online.

Someone looking at the Webtoon app on their phone

Most comic book companies provide a portion of their library for free through their apps or website. There are even subscription services just for comics. Here’s how you can read comics for free all year long:

Comic Book Plus

Looking for more vintage and old-school comics? The Comic Book Plus library has over 42,000 comics for you to read from the Golden and Silver Age. You’ll be able to filter from genre to year it was released.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics has a digital library that you can enjoy that has plenty of free comics — including some previous years Free Comic Book Day selections. This includes Avatar the Last Airbender and Overwatch comics.

DC Comics

From Batman to Shazam, you can read a selection of comics from the DC Kids website. The library is small, but if you want to gain access to their entire library, you can join the DC Universe Infinite subscription service. You’ll be able to get a 7-day free trial that’ll get you 27,000 comics to read.

Digital Comic Museum

The Digital Comic Museum houses plenty of Golden Age comics, and it’s constantly being updated with free reads. You can categorize the comics by publisher, and every download is free.


Marvel comics have become increasingly popular with the MCU, and you can read select comics for free via the Marvel Comics app (iOS / Android). They even have a subscription service, Marvel Unlimited. You can get your first 30 days for $0.97 (gives you access to 30,000 comics) when you use the promo code XMEN97 at checkout.


The Webtoons app houses plenty of free comics that you can read by new and established creators from around the world. Popular comics from this app eventually get adapted to Netflix. Just look at Korean dramas like Extraordinary Attorney Woo and All Of Us Are Dead.

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