This HOT freebie is back! Score your free Amazon Baby Welcome Box in only 10 minutes by creating a new Baby Registry at Amazon. Then, spend $10 on any one item on your registry and request the free baby box just as soon as your order ships. Last time this offer was available I signed up and pictured above is what I received.


1. Use a laptop or a desktop computer.

The bummer of this deal is you can’t use a mobile device to sign up, but that’s not a huge deal, now, is it? Not for this deal. Not when recent welcome boxes included Amazon Elements baby wipes, Avent baby bottles, Seventh Generation diapers and Babyganics lotion.


2. Make sure you’re a Prime Member.

Chances are, you might be already. I mean, who wants to go to the store when you can shop from home (pants are so overrated). If you’re not a member, it’s worth it to sign up for the free, 2-day shipping alone!

Not sure you want to join Prime yet? Join Amazon Family and get a free, 90-day Amazon Prime Membership!


3. Sign up to create a baby registry.

Shy? You can set your registry to private if you don’t want to spill the baby beans quite yet!

Please note, the deal isn’t always ongoing. It comes and goes, so sign up while it still exists, and skip to step 5 if you’re wondering how in the heck you don’t get burned if they do discontinue this deal.


4. Jumpstart your registry.

In order to sign up for your free baby box, you’ll need to turn all of those blue icons into green checkmarks (see above). The quickest way to do this:

For each icon, pick “Mark Items Complete.”
Click “Favorites.”
Check “Select All.”
Then click “Save.”

(What I found is that by simply clicking each box, it turned the box green and I didn’t even have to add any items to my registry. But, who knows? Maybe that was just a glitch.)

5. Select $10 in merch from literally anything Amazon sells.


To score your free baby box, the next step is to spend $10. This is the greatness: the $10 you spend can be on ANY item sells, so long as you add it to your baby registry. If you need an idea, buy diapers. The price savings might not be incredible, but it’s gonna get you $35 in other baby items! Or… Browse our latest Amazon deals for inspiration.


6. Make sure to a select “Add to Baby Registry” first and then “Add to Cart”.



Once the item is in your cart, go ahead and buy it!

8. Wait until your order ships, then order your Free Welcome Box.

Once you make your purchase and and receive an email confirming it has shipped, go back to your registry and you will see the “Redeem tab” for the Welcome box. Make sure your cart is empty before redeeming the box. In the payments section, you will see a little box that says “use $35 promo for this order.” Make sure that little box is checked, making your box FREE! The box is supposed arrive in two days, but I I got a notification that it would come in three to four weeks.

Check out what I received in my Welcome Box

Order Yours Now, While Supplies Last!


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How to Get a Free $35 Baby Box with Any $10 Amazon Purchase