I really love getting gift cards. Gift cards keep me out of hot water with re-gifting a more obvious gift. They help me buy more of the things I like (without having to pay for them out of my own pocket). And, occasionally, they even earn me cash. I also really love giving gift cards for all of the same reasons. No more guessing what my best friend might like. No more stressful overspending because the one item I know she wants is $10 above my budget limit. Plus, if she doesn't like the gift card I chose, she can re-gift it herself—or trade it in for cash (everyone loves cash). Here is a gift card website that helps you do both so you can earn and save.

The mystery of unspent gift cards 

According to MarketWatch, more than $1 billion in gift cards goes unredeemed each year. I really wish all the folks who have gift cards they don't plan to use would just send them to me (just in case any of them are reading this). I'll put 'em to work—and here’s how.

Meet Gift Card Granny 

MarketWatch also states "the biggest mistake is to buy gift cards at face value." Hear, hear! When you use Gift Card Granny to buy and sell your gift cards, you will never ever make this mistake—I promise.

1. How does Gift Card Granny work if I want to buy a gift card?

Gift Card Granny has more than 40,000 gift cards available for purchase—all at a discount off face value (see example below).

Here’s what to do:

  • Visit http://www.giftcardgranny.com
  • Right on the home page you can view "Today's Best Gift Card Deals."
  • Or you can visit "Buy Gift Cards" to view cards for sale by category or merchant.
  • Let's say you select "Amazon." This will take you to GCG's Amazon gift card store.
  • You can then view discounted prices, discount amount (%), price of shipping (you want "free" if possible, of course), type (eCard, gift card), amount, and seller name.
  • Once you find the perfect gift card, click the blue "Shop" button to be taken to the seller's own sales page to purchase the gift card.

2. How does Gift Card Granny work if I want to sell a gift card?

You can sell a single gift card or a whole stack of gift cards (bulk sales) through Gift Card Granny.

Here is what to do:

  • Visit http://www.giftcardgranny.com.
  • Visit "Sell Gift Cards" to begin the process.
  • Let's say you have an iTunes gift card worth $25 for sale.
  • So first you enter the merchant name, "iTunes."
  • A list of resellers will pop up, and you can view your resale options (as a percentage off face value).
  • With some resellers, you can also choose between taking your sales proceeds in cash or as an Amazon gift card (this will net you a slightly higher sales price).
  • Click the blue "Sell Your Card" button next to your reseller of choice.
  • You can then enter your specific card information and elect how to turn in the card (mailing it in gets you a slightly higher resale value) and how you want to be paid.

3. What else can I do with Gift Card Granny?

There are three other useful tools Gift Card Granny offers:

  • Check balance: You can check the balance on any gift card you own by navigating to "Check Balance" and following the merchant-specific instructions.
  • Alerts: If you are in the market for a specific gift card, you can sign up to receive alerts by merchant.
  • Apps: You can download the free iOS and Android apps to shop, buy, and sell on the go.


Earn and Save with Gift Card Granny