You’ve probably heard by now that Toys”R”Us is closing all 735 stores. The only real silver lining here is the potential for really deep discounts as liquidation sales start. Stores are slated to close by May 14th.

UPDATE 3/23 Liquidation officially begins nationwide. And stores open their doors to Black Friday-like crowds. New policies make all returns final and Toys”R”Us coupons are no longer accepted. Our team was in store, reporting on all the sales.

Find out if the first round of Toys”R”Us liquidation sales are any good.


UPDATE: 3/22 While Toys R Us made the announcement about liquidation sales beginning today at bankruptcy court earlier this week, shoppers across the country are disappointed and upset to find sales have not yet begun. There are fourteen weeks left before all stores are scheduled to be closed. The KCL team will be in store every day, reporting the latest. See the signs we found nationwide—at our store adjacent to a “Now Hiring” sign. . . 🤦‍♀️
See all we know about why Toys”R”Us Liquidation Sales were postponed.


Toys “R” Us Liquidation Sales Start Thursday March 22.

Going-out-of-business sales will start this Thursday (March 22nd), and items will continually be discounted by around 25% week after week until everything is gone.

Toys”R”Us will run their own sales until May 14th, at which time liquidators will come in and sell everything else off.

Keep in mind, liquidation sales will be final, and your item might not be around to see the deepest discounts, so decide what savings margin you feel good about and then pounce.


Save 20% on Toys “R” Us gift cards from Gift Card Granny and use by April 21.

You can bet people are offloading their Toys”R”Us gift cards since there are less than 30 days to use them. But if you’re willing to shop immediately after you buy one, you’ll save 20% on top of sale prices and promos!


Look for deep discounts on Apple products (already reported at up to 50% off).

Reddit shoppers have spotted Apple products like the Apple TV and iPod Nano for up to 63% off. We haven’t seen this in our local stores yet, but we are on the lookout and will post those deals as soon as we see them.


And watch for deals on diapers.

Just watch for markups–many stores have marked up the regular cost of diapers so that the sale will look better than it is.



We’re watching LEGO like a hawk — hoping that Thursday prices begin to fall. Any savings greater than 15% on LEGO is almost unheard of.


Fisher-Price baby toys are already selling for up to 50% off.

Right now you can find Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phones, Baby’s First Blocks, and Imaginext basic figure sets for $5.00, regularly priced $9.99.


Baby gear is currently selling for up to 40% off.

You’ve got to see the deals on baby gear like car seats, strollers, high chairs and bouncers for up to 40% off.


Your store may no longer accept returns.

Even before the actual liquidators take over, your store might not let you return items.


Amazon is the latest rumored buyer poised to potentially take over all closed Toys “R” Us locations.

On the heels of the Whole Foods acquisition, Amazon is looking for more retail space and is at least entertaining the idea of taking over some the shells of the closed Toys “R” Us locations in the US. The rumors are unconfirmed, and there is no announcement that lays out what Amazon would do with the storefronts.


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Toys"R"Us Liquidation Sale Schedule Revealed