Ever had an item you bought go on sale the day after you got it home? We all have!

It super sucks to feel like you got cheated out of saving money. But who wants to slog through all the work of requesting a price adjustment, especially if it’s not that much money? Not you or me, but Paribus wants to!


Paribus helps get you price adjustments. You set it and forget. For real.

Paribus tracks your online purchases and uses your email account to send out a price adjustment request on your behalf, and you never have to lift a finger.

Until Paribus came along, price adjustments were a hassle, and companies depended on the fact that it’s basically an unknown way for consumers to get money back.

In the early days of Paribus, you could get price adjustments on Amazon and Target purchases, along with 30 of the top online retailers we all shop at. This increased your chances of getting money back from price adjustments.

And it worked great! Especially since most of our online shopping is on Amazon, right?

Since Amazon prices change all the time, lots of shoppers were seeing money come back to them through Paribus’ hard work. For example, when I first downloaded Paribus, I got $6 back in the first two weeks!


And then Amazon and Target changed the game.


The app worked so well that two of the biggest online retailers, Amazon and Target, changed their price adjustment policy to create workarounds so Paribus couldn’t be as effective at saving money for you the shopper.

On May 7, 2016, Amazon quietly changed their price adjustment policy pretty drastically; they no longer allowed price adjustments on anything but TVs.

It could be said that Amazon’s price adjustment policy was actually never official, and Amazon made a clear “TVs only” price-adjustment policy only after Paribus came on the scene.

This year Target also made a massive change; now you can’t just email a request to Target for a price adjustment, you have to actually call them. On the phone. Clearly this made it so Paribus could no longer email price adjustment requests.

The backlash spread pretty fast, and several other previously Paribus-supported retailers have since followed Amazon and Target’s examples.

Bed Bath & Beyond requires you to physically go into a store and have a receipt to price adjust, and Overstock.com now only offers store credit in the amount of the price adjustment, instead of refunding your money.

Great for them, but what about you as the consumer?!



Paribus rolled up its sleeves and said “We got this.”

Paribus worked hard to adjust to retailer backlash.

In the past, Paribus has even gone so far as to hire their own call center in an attempt to keep Target as a retailer they could support. (“If we can’t email price adjustments, we will call Target on behalf of consumers!”) This is no longer happening, but it shows Paribus’ commitment to supporting users.

Paribus is still in the process of working with Amazon to continue to support their shoppers, and soon you’ll be able to allow Paribus to file your complaints with Amazon Prime when your packages take more than two days to deliver.

Currently, you can request this refund from Amazon on your own. But hey, if Paribus wants to do my dirty work for me, I’m not complaining.

Paribus is still hard at work for you, the consumer, at lots of other major retailers, including Old Navy, Gap, West Elm, NewEgg, Kohl’s, Anthropologie and more.

I mean, how proactive has Amazon or Target been at putting money straight back into your account? You have to admit, it’s nice that Paribus has your back.

Download Paribus now, and start getting your own price adjustments without doing a thing.


Honesty is the best policy (except maybe store return policies with no receipt required, amirite?) so we want you to know that companies like Paribus compensates us when you sign-up using the links we provided above.


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