I know, I know. Online shopping is my preference, too.

By all means, keep up your online shopping game. Just be aware that when it comes to these retailers, you might get a better deal if you stop by the store instead.


1. Bath & Body Works

You can only use one coupon (or code) at Bath & Body Works, because the way their online shopping is set up, “free shipping” is a coupon code.

Plus, you have to spend at least $25 to get free shipping — even with the code!

This means you can’t get stock-up prices on hand soap or wallflowers and get free shipping since you need to use a coupon code for the deal — like $10 off $30 — in order to get the killer deal on soap. In this case, you’d pay the $5.99 shipping fee.

Solution? Use your coupons in store.


2. Yankee Candle

Ditto for Yankee Candle — shipping is $5.99 unless you have a “free shipping” promo code. But you can only use one promo code, so you cannot stack a discount code with a free shipping code.

A good reason to hit up the store!



3. Costco (Groceries)

You can get free shipping on non-perishable and household supplies at Costco, so if you’re gonna shop online, only buy those items.

While Costco uses Instacart for same-day grocery delivery, you must order at least $35 worth of groceries; prices are slightly higher than in store, and there’s a delivery fee.

Moral of the story? Visit your local store to take advantage of Costco’s best deals.


4. Hobby Lobby

Unless you catch monthly “free shipping” days, never shop Hob Lob online.

Prices are the same as in the store, and shipping fees start at $6.95 (for an under-$15 purchase) and increase by one dollar increments with every $10 you spend.

So if you spend $15-$25, you’ll pay $7.95 for shipping, if you spend $25-$35, you’ll pay $8.95 and so on.

Also, the selection is better in store and who doesn’t want to stroll Hob Lob’s fall aisles with a hot PSL?


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5. T.J.Maxx

There are a million reasons to shop T.J.Maxx — shopping online just isn’t one of them.

First, you have to spend $89 and have a promo code in order to get free shipping.

Also, you’re taking a huge chance that your items may be irregular and not fit, requiring a trip to the store for returns anyway.



6. Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid

Even though you can get some items shipped to the store for free store pickup at Walgreens (but not the others), you cannot use manufacturer coupons at any of the drugstores when you shop online.

Also, you can’t use coupons when you choose to ship to store because you place your order online, not when you pick it up.

Coupons stacked with a sale and store loyalty programs are the mecca of savings at drugstores! You just can’t get it online.


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