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Hobby Lobby Sale Schedule for 2024

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There’s nothing worse than stocking up on scrapbooking supplies only to find they went on sale the very next week. Knowing the Hobby Lobby sale schedule is a big help when it comes to getting the best prices. And when you can save anywhere from 30% to 90% on regular prices, it’s a no-brainer.

Fabric, picture frames, wedding items, and home decor are some of the best things to buy at Hobby Lobby, and you can find sale prices on all of them more than once a month. While some departments at Hobby Lobby (like furniture) are always on sale, others switch off every other week — and the items included aren’t always the same.

That’s why one of the best Hobby Lobby savings hacks is to learn the ins and outs of their weekly ad. While the Hobby Lobby sale schedule isn’t as easy to predict these days, we uncovered some patterns to help you plan your shopping trips around the savings.

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1. The Hobby Lobby sale schedule runs Monday through Saturday.


Hobby Lobby releases a new weekly ad every Sunday (though stores are closed that day), and all the discounts in the ad are available to shop Monday through Saturday.

The first thing you gotta know is that while Hobby Lobby’s weekly ad is different each week, items in certain departments, like Home Decor and Crafts, are always on sale. But this doesn’t mean all items in those departments are discounted year-round. The on-sale items may change from week to week, but you can always expect sale prices from these departments.

Hobby Lobby departments that are always on sale:

  • Home Decor: 50% off either wall decor or table decor (depending on the week)

  • Party: 40% – 50% off

  • Crafts: 40% off

  • Jewelry Making: 50% off

  • Wearable Art (T-shirts): 30% off

Other departments follow a bimonthly pattern, where select items are on sale every other week.

Hobby Lobby departments that are on sale every other week:

  • Florals: 40% off

  • Hobbies (Boxed Puzzles & Model Kits): 40% – 50% off

  • Candles & Candleholders: 40% off

  • Wedding: 40% – 50% off

  • Photo Frames: 50% off

  • Art Supplies: 40% off

  • Art Sale: 40% off

  • Fabric by the Yard: 40% off

  • Yarn: 30% off

2. Custom frames, furniture, best-selling books, and T-shirts are always on sale at Hobby Lobby.


There are a few items that will always be on sale at Hobby Lobby and are always featured in their weekly ad. You can expect year-round discounts on best-selling books, custom frames, furniture, and T-shirts.

Best-selling Books: Always 40% – 50% off the marked price

These include best-selling Bibles, devotionals, gift books, and children’s books in the Best-selling Books department.

T-shirts: Always 30% off the marked price

T-shirts in the Wearable Art department are also always 30% off. These include youth and adult short-sleeve T-shirts, baseball and long-sleeve T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and infant and toddler T-shirts. Gildan youth and adult short-sleeve T-shirts are always $2.99 ($4.27 marked price).

Furniture: Always 30% off the marked price

Console tables, nightstands, shelves, stools, you name it. Hobby Lobby furniture is always on sale for 30% off.

Custom Frames: Always 50% off the marked price

Custom frames are always 50% off the marked price, but the discount applies to the frame only.

3. Wall decor and table decor hit 50% off every other week.

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The Home Decor department at Hobby Lobby is always 50% off, but the sale switches between wall decor and table decor each week. So in the weekly ad, you’ll find a list of wall decor items on sale one week and a list of table decor items the next. It’s almost always the same list of items that get marked down for each category. So if mirrors and clocks aren’t on sale right now, you can count on them for next week.

Wall Decor: 50% off every other week

  • Decorative Crosses

  • Framed & Canvas Art

  • Wood & Metal Wall Decor

  • Adhesive Wall Art

  • All Memo Boards, Chalkboards, Corkboards & Dry-Erase Boards (excludes items in the art department)

  • Pillows, Rugs, Throws & Doormats

  • Knobs, Pulls, Handles, Hooks & Decorative Hardware

  • Mirrors

  • Clocks

  • Letters

  • Shelves

Table Decor: 50% off every other week

  • Glass Decor (does not include craft stained glass)

  • Wooden Table Decor & Plaques

  • Decorative Lanterns, Birdcages, and Terrariums

  • Ceramic, Resin & Pottery Decor (Does not include “Your Price” items)

  • Wicker Department

  • Decorative Table Clocks, Spheres & Globes

  • Metal Table Decor

  • Lamps

  • Floral Containers & Vases (does not include “Your Price” items)

4. Paper napkins and plates are the only party supplies that are always 50% off.


Select party supplies go on sale every week at Hobby Lobby, but paper napkins and plates are the only items that are consistently 50% off in the Hobby Lobby sale schedule.

Gift wrap and gift bags are 50% off every other week, and cake decorating items are 40% off every other week.

Gift Wrap & Gift Bags: 50% off every other week

  • Paper Craft & Gift Bags

  • All Rolled Gift Wrap

Cake Decorating: 40% off every other week

  • All items labeled Sunny Side Up Bakery, including cake, cookie, and cupcakes essentials

5. Beads and items from the Metal Gallery and Jewelry Shoppe are 50% off three weeks out of the month.


The Jewelry Making department is consistently 50% off, but the items that are on sale change each week. There are three categories that are most commonly on sale: Beads, items from the Jewelry Shoppe, and items from the Metal Gallery. They go on sale for 50% off three out of four weeks. So they’ll be on sale for two weeks in a row, then skip a week, then go on sale for another two weeks.

TIP: Even though these three categories are on sale most weeks, they aren’t always listed at the same time. Only once a month will you find all three categories on sale at once.

Beads: 50% off three out of four weeks

  • Strung, tubed, and packaged beads by Color Gallery, Bead Treasures, and Czech Glass

  • Beads, flatback, and hotfix crystals by Preciosa

  • Bulk beads and gems by Bead Design Co.

  • Packaged beads by Treehouse Studio

The Jewelry Shoppe: 50% off three out of four weeks

  • Findings

  • Hair accessories

  • Nickel-Free

  • Sterling Silver

The Metal Gallery: 50% off three out of four weeks

  • Pendants

  • Earrings

  • Brooches

  • Bracelets

6. Cricut products and other paper crafts go on sale every other week.


Hobby Lobby puts tons of paper, pens, pads, stickers, and scrapbooking essentials on sale twice a month. All Paper Crafts labeled The Paper Studio and The Happy Planner are 40% off every other week. In the weeks between, select Cricut machines are on sale for 30% – 40% off.

All Items Labeled The Paper Studio and The Happy Planner: 40% off every other week

  • Stickers

  • Scrapbook Albums

  • Cards

  • Envelopes

  • Embellishments

  • Cardstock Paper Packs

  • Paper Pads & Page Kits

  • Planners & Planner Accessories

  • Pen & Marker Sets

  • Printed Single Sheets and Cardstock

Select Cricut Products: 30% – 40% off every other week

Not all Cricut machines are listed, but these are a few that went on sale recently:

7. Paint-by-number kits, unfinished craft wood, modeling clay, and more crafts are 40% off every other week.


Hobby Lobby Crafts are always 40% off, but the items listed change every other week. Hobby Lobby usually switches between these two lists of craft categories each week, so you’ll always find one or the other on sale:

Crafts 1: 40% off every other week

  • Modeling Clay (oven-bake and air-dry) — includes Sculpey, Fimo, Crafter’s Collection, and more

  • Perler Kits & Beads — includes licensed kits, bulk beads, pegboards, and more

  • Candle Wax, Candle Gel, Soap Blocks, and Bases

  • Children’s Activity Kits

  • Paint & Pencil by Number Kits

  • Diamond Art Kits

  • Fuzzy Posters (priced $4.99 & up)

Crafts 2: 40% off every other week

  • Unfinished Craft Wood $4.99 & up

  • Glitter & Glitter Glue

  • Mosaic Tiles, Gems, Chips, & Stones

  • Leather & Leather Kits $4.99 & up

8. Floral stems, bushes, arrangements, garlands, wreaths, and swags are 40% off every other week.


Hobby Lobby florals go on sale for 40% off every other week (it used to be 50%), and the same items are always listed. The sale excludes seasonal florals, custom designs, or items labeled “floral accents.” However regular stems, arrangements, bushes, garlands, and more are half off.

Florals: 40% off every other week

  • Stems

  • Bushes

  • Arrangements

  • Garland

  • Wreaths

  • Swags

  • Potted Trees & Plants

  • Dried Naturals

9. Hobby Lobby puzzles and boxed model kits are 40% off every week during the holiday season.

Hobby Lobby consistently marks down puzzles and boxed model kits every other week. But during the holiday season, you can grab 40% off these items for a whole month (and they make the perfect gifts).

Last year we saw this discount every week from Nov. 27 to Dec. 25.

10. Wedding items are 40% off every other week, but they hit 50% off in September.


The regular Hobby Lobby sale schedule follows a pattern with select wedding items, giving them a 40% discount every other week. The discount applies to all items labeled Studio His & Hers, including invitations, toasting glasses, ring pillows, bouquets, and more.

However, we noticed these wedding discounts jump from 40% to 50% every other week in September. During this time, ribbons, bows, tulle, and deco mesh in the Wedding, Floral, and Fabric departments are added to the wedding sale at 50% off.

All Items Labeled Studio His & Hers: 40% off every other week

  • Invitations, toasting glasses, ring pillows, bouquets, and more from Studio His & Hers

All Items Labeled Studio His & Hers, Ribbon, Trim, and Tulle Spools: 50% off every other week in September

  • Invitations, toasting glasses, ring pillows, bouquets, and more from Studio His & Hers

  • Ribbon, bows, tulle, and deco mesh in the Wedding, Floral, and Fabric departments

11. Sewing ribbon, trim, and tulle spools are 40% off every other week.

Hobby Lobby gives the Sewing department a 40% discount every other week. This includes ribbon, trim, and tulle spools, plus scissors and rotary cutters from Fiskars and Singer. The 40% discount excludes seasonal items and tulle sold by the yard.

Sewing: 40% off every other week

  • Ribbon

  • Trim

  • Tulle

  • Deco Mesh

  • Bows

  • Fiskars and Singer Scissors and Rotary Cutters

12. Buy candles, oils, and room sprays for 40% off every other week (and sometimes weekly).


Hobby Lobby candles are consistently 40% off every other week, including LED candles, oils, warmers, room sprays, and more. The sale excludes seasonal and “Your Price” items.

In November and December, you may be able to find candles on sale more frequently. During the 2022 holiday season, we sometimes saw Hobby Lobby candles and candleholders included in the 50% off home decor sale.

Candles & Candle Holders: 40% off every other week

  • LED Candles

  • Oils

  • Warmers

  • Room Sprays

  • Fragrance Cubes $2.99 & Up

13. Wall and photo frames are 50% off every other week.

Contrary to popular belief, Hobby Lobby photo frames aren’t always on sale. Wall frames, photo frames, shadow boxes, collage frames, and display cases get a 50% discount every other week (excluding “Your Price” items).

Note: These items are different from Hobby Lobby’s custom frames, which are always 50% off the marked price.

Frames: 50% off every other week

  • Wall Frames: Poster, document, and portrait frames

  • Photo Frames: All basic and fashion table frames and wooden photo storage

  • Shadow Boxes

  • Collage Frames

  • Display Cases

14. You’ll always find paint supplies for 40% off, but the on-sale items switch every other week.


The Hobby Lobby sale schedule switches between the Art Sale and Art Supplies each week, both of which are 40% off.

The Art Sale definitely has a better selection of on-sale items than Art Supplies, but the good news is, you can always buy paint from Hobby Lobby for 40% off. The Art Sale includes a selection of Master’s Touch and Fine Touch paint and supplies, while the 40% off Art Supplies discount includes 16-ounce bottles of Tempera paints. Plus, super value paint canvas packs are always 35% off their marked price.

Art Sale: 40% off every other week

  • Master's Touch & Fine Touch (excludes "Your Price" items)

    • Single & Packaged Brushes

    • Artist Pads & Sketch Books

    • Art Canvas & Panels

    • Tube & Jar Paints

    • Mediums

  • Master's Touch Art Tables & Easels

    (excludes "Your Price" items)

  • Master's Touch Art Sets: Acrylic, Watercolor, and Oil Paints

  • Gumacher Paints: Acrylic, Watercolor, and Oil Paints

Art Supplies: 40% off every other week

  • Chalk Boards, Cork Boards, & Dry-Erase Boards (includes Packaged Cork)

  • Tempera Paints, 16-ounce bottles

Super Value Pack Paint Canvases: Always 35% off the marked price

  • Super Value Pack Canvas: Always $12.99 per pack (reg. $19.99)

    • 8x10 - 10 pack

    • 11x14 - 7 pack

    • 12x12 - 7 pack

    • 16x20 - 5 pack

15. Hobby Lobby swaps between 30% off all yarn and 40% off all fabric by the yard each week.


Hobby Lobby yarn and fabric by the yard go on sale every other week, but never at the same time. Their sale schedule switches between 30% off yarn (including all Artiste Floss & Threads) and 40% off fabric by the yard each week.

All Yarn: 30% off every other week

  • Every skein, brand, color, and size

  • All Artiste Floss & Threads

All Fabric by the Yard: 40% off every other week

  • Calicos, fleece, home dec, flannel, broadcloth, satin, and more

    (excludes precut bundles and fat quarters)


16. Seasonal markdowns start early at 40% off but usually reach up to 75% off (or more) by the end of the season.

You'll always find seasonal items in the Hobby Lobby weekly sale schedule, but the items will change depending on the time of year. Seasonal items usually get their first markdown super early, starting at 40% off select items. But as the season or holiday inches closer, you're likely to see bigger discounts. And after it passes, discounts reach up to 75% or more.

For example, fall decor, florals, crafts, and tableware start at 40% off in early August. But by early November, they get bumped to 75% off.

Here's how Hobby Lobby's fall items moved through discounts in 2023:

  • Aug. 1 - 21: 40% off

  • Aug. 22 - Oct. 22: 50% off

  • Oct. 23 - Nov. 5: 66% off

  • Nov. 6 - 26: 75% off

    (and 90% off in-stores only from Nov. 20 - 26)

17. Christmas discounts are at 50% off as of Sept. 1, but reach up to 90% by January 2.


Hobby Lobby gives Christmas decor a total of six markdowns from the time it goes on sale to its post-season clearance. The Christmas discounts started at 40% on Aug. 16 in 2023, and should hit 75% on Dec. 25.

But the first week of January is actually the best time to buy Christmas items from Hobby Lobby. All the leftover decor, tableware, trees, florals, crafts, lights, and more goes for up to 90% off starting Jan. 1!

Hobby Lobby's Christmas Markdown Schedule:

  • Aug. 16 - Sept. 4: 40% off

  • Sept. 1 - Oct. 29: 50% off

  • Oct. 30 - Dec. 10: 60% off

  • Dec. 11 - 24: 70% off

  • Dec. 25 - Jan. 1: 75% off

  • Jan. 2 - 9: 90% off

18. Easter and Valentine's Day both go on sale in-store for 40% off the first week of January.


Hobby Lobby Valentine's Day and Hobby Lobby Easter items are both 40% off in-store starting the first week of January, holding steady right up until each holiday.

Valentine's Day cards, crafts, decor, gifts, and party supplies hit 75% off the week after Feb. 14. When Easter toys, apparel, baskets, eggs, and tableware do go ons ale they are 40% off through Easter Sunday and go for up to 90% off about one week after that.

  • Valentine's Day 90% off clearance:

    Feb. 27 or 28, annually

19. The Spring Shop discounts start at 40% off in January and reach up to 90% off by mid-August.

hobby lobby 90% off the spring shop clearance_8583

Hobby Lobby starts discounting The Spring Shop as early as Jan. 1, when tableware, garden, wall decor, home decor, storage, and more start at 40% off every week. As the spring and summer months continue, these discounts get even bigger. By mid-August, items in The Spring Shop are listed for up to 90% off.

Hobby Lobby Spring Shop Markdown Schedule:

  • Jan. 1 - May 15: 40% off

  • May 15 - July 17: 50% off

  • July 18 - 31: 66% off

  • Aug. 1 - 14: 75% off

  • Aug. 15 - 20: 90% off

20. Summer toys get their first discount way early — 40% off in mid-February.

Summer Toys follow the same markdown schedule as The Spring Shop, but the 40% discount doesn't start until mid-February. From there, the discounts go up at the same time and rate as The Spring Shop. So by mid-August, Summer Toys are also up to 90% off. These include indoor and outdoor toys and games, including Little Wishes.

Hobby Lobby Summer Toys Markdown Schedule:

  • Feb. 12 - May 15: 40% off

  • May 15 - July 17: 50% off

  • July 18 - 31: 66% off

  • Aug. 1 - 14: 75% off

  • Aug. 15 - 20: 90% off

21. Classroom Decor hit 90% off around Aug. 21, 2024.


As teachers and kids headed back to school, Hobby Lobby drops prices on their classroom decor — a whopping 90% off. We find items like school-themed ribbon, foam welcome signs, cut-outs for paper garland, framed encouragement signs, and table decor.

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