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We Never Pay Full Price for Hobby Lobby Fabric, and Neither Should You

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Hobby Lobby can have the best selection of fabric in the world, but that doesn't matter if it doesn't have the best prices to match. A lot of folks like to debate the fabric departments (and prices) of Hobby Lobby vs. Joann vs. Michaels. But, the truth of the matter is, there is a Hobby Lobby fabric sale every other week. Even better, no Hobby Lobby coupons needed (which is good because their 40% off coupon peaced out a long time ago).

The Hobby Lobby sale schedule runs like clockwork. They never miss a beat. Departments rotate in and out of sale mode each week. So just like most everything else at Hobby Lobby, if it’s not on sale right now, there’s definitely a better price coming the following week. So let me show you how to shop Hobby Lobby fabric the smart way.

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Does Hobby Lobby sell fabric?


They sure do, otherwise why else are here? Here’s some of the different types of fabric you can buy at Hobby Lobby:

Quilting cottons

Apparel cottons

Batiste fabrics





Lame fabrics

Sequined fabrics

Gauze fabrics

Faux fur





Lace fabrics


Velvet fabrics


Fleece & micro fleece


Duck cloth



Monks cloth



Hobby Lobby also carries “seasonal” fabrics, which can include prints centered around the 4th of July or Christmas or any other specific holiday themes. But it also includes fabrics based on fashion seasons, with new apparel lines for Spring and Fall.

When does fabric go on sale at Hobby Lobby?


You never want to shop at Hobby Lobby unless there’s a sale. Seriously, make that your mantra. Sales happen with such frequency and regularity that it really is worth waiting for them. Fabric goes on sale every other week. By shopping these regular sales, you can save a whopping 40%. Plus, this is one sale that you’ll find both in stores and online. 

Sewing accessories go on sale, too.

While you’re shopping the Hobby Lobby fabric sale, be sure to take advantage of sewing accessory sales, too. These Fiskars items go on sale for 40% off the same week as fabrics: 

  • Scissors

  • Rotary cutters

  • Mats

Other Fiskars items can be marked down the same week, too.

Then, there are other sewing accessories that are always “on sale.” These include YKK zippers, Sew-Ology thread, Bias hem tape, Bias piping, Bias blanket binding, and all buttons. The “sale” price is dependent on the original list price. If it’s originally marked $1.49 – $3.49, you’ll only pay $0.99. If the list price is between $3.50 and $6.99, your price at the register will be just $1.99. 

How much is fabric at Hobby Lobby?

Prices are always subject to change, but at the time of writing, here are the price ranges for some common types of fabrics: 

  • Quilting cottons: $3.99 – $14.99 per yard, $1.49 for a fat quarter

  • Apparel fabrics: $3.99 – $16.99 per yard

  • Flannel: $5.99 – $10.99 per yard

  • Fleece and microfleece: $6.99 – $19.99 per yard

  • Canvas and duck cloth: $6.99 – $13.99 per yard

  • Felt: $6.99 – $7.99 per yard

  • Faux fur: $8.99 – $21.99 per yard

Are prices different online?

Sometimes, yes, prices are different online. For example, if there’s an online promotion, you won’t necessarily be able to claim it in store. Conversely, if the manager at your local store decides to mark down a particular print, you can’t expect that same markdown to show up on the Hobby Lobby website. If you know the specific material and print you want, comparison shopping locally vs is the way to go. 

Does Hobby Lobby sell scrap fabric?

They sure do! Hobby Lobby does sell scrap fabric and remnants, but of course what you find will vary by store. Expect scrap fabric to run as low as $1.50/yd.

Can you return fabric at Hobby Lobby?

Yes, you can — but there are rules. As per the Hobby Lobby return policy, open or used items cannot be returned. So you can't use a portion of the fabric and then try to return the scraps. That isn't going to fly. Also, make sure you make your (unused) return within 90 days of purchase, and go in armed with your receipt in order to get a full refund.

Make the Most of the Hobby Lobby Fabric Sale Schedule


Waiting just one week to shop can help you save 40% each and every time you purchase fabric. Let’s look at what that means in real dollars across a few different fabric types: 

  • Satin: Reg. $5.99 – $11.99, 40% off: $3.59 – $7.19 sale price 

  • Apparel fabrics: Reg. $3.99 – $16.99, 40% off: $2.39 – $10.19

  • Canvas and duck cloth: Reg. $6.99 – $13.99, 40% off: $4.19 – $8.39

Identify the best Hobby Lobby fabric deals in-store.

You’re likely to find the best Hobby Lobby deals on fabric in-store. While there are sometimes online sales, discounts are much deeper and more frequent in person. Other than the 40%-off-every-other-week sale, additional markdowns can vary from store to store, turning your fabric shopping trip into a treasure hunt. 

You’re likely to find the best deals in Hobby Lobby’s in-person clearance sections. If you’re not too attached to one specific print or texture, the lowest price is usually 90% off. But if you wait for the lowest price, you have to be okay with the print potentially running out in the meantime. 

Understand Hobby Lobby’s sales and discount policies.

Hobby Lobby doesn’t do the 40% off coupon anymore. That’s kind of okay, though – at least when it comes to fabric. That’s because Hobby Lobby marks the entire fabric section down by 40% every other week, anyways. 

You can find even deeper discounts in the clearance section, where materials get progressively marked down to as low as 90% off. When you shop in person, the manager usually has some type of discretion over these markdowns, though you may see certain patterns across stores. 

For example, after a holiday passes, holiday prints are likely to get marked down in accordance with the wider Hobby Lobby sale schedule. And when Fall apparel fabrics roll in, any remaining Spring fabrics are likely to make their way to the clearance wall — if they haven’t already. 

Navigate the Hobby Lobby fabric department like a pro to find what you want.

The biggest thing to remember when you’re shopping the fabric department at Hobby Lobby is that ‘Seasonal’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘holiday-themed.’ Instead, Hobby Lobby uses ‘Seasonal’ to label apparel fabrics for the spring and fall fashion seasons. Spring lines are usually released near the turn of the year (so Jan. 1), and Fall fabrics tend to hit stores near the end of the summer months.

Another big tip as you navigate the aisles is to remember to shop the clearance section regardless of which fabric type you’re shopping for. While there’s a 40% off Hobby Lobby fabric sale every other week on regularly-priced fabrics, you can find super steep discounts in the already-marked-down clearance section. Sometimes the discount is as high as 90% off.  

Is there an online Hobby Lobby fabric sale?


Yes, you’ll find the 40% off sale online, and there is a small, online clearance fabric section on The online clearance section usually features materials for 50% off. 

Again, you’re going to find more sales in person. When a store manager has physical inventory to move, they’re far more likely to mark an item down by a greater percentage, whereas online, items don’t make it to 90% off as often.

There are advantages to shopping online during fabric sales.

Not to totally go against everything I just said, but sometimes it's worth it to shop Hobby Lobby fabric online. Because while there are Hobby Lobby locations across the country, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s one in your neighborhood. If you want to take advantage of the sales while shopping online, you totally can. And that’s new. Hobby Lobby wasn’t always very accessible for online shopping. 

You may also have different fabric options when you shop online compared to when you shop in-store. While all stores do get the same fabrics, which ones sell out when is going to be different from store location to store location — nonetheless the inventory that’s set aside for online shoppers. 

But wait for a free shipping offer, which you're likely to see on Sundays.

If you shop Hobby Lobby fabrics online, it’s really best to wait until they have a free shipping offer. Hobby Lobby’s shipping prices are a bit much, and the Hobby Lobby return policy requires you to pay for return shipping on top of it. The free shipping offers aren’t nearly as regular and predictable as Hobby Lobby’s other sales, but we do tend to see them pop up on Sundays because their brick-and-mortar stores are closed that day.

TIP: If you live in Alaska or Hawaii and don’t have any stores near you, that’s because Hobby Lobby doesn’t have any locations in your state. Plus, they won’t ship to you, either. Don’t worry, though — you can always shop JOANN or Michaels instead. 

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