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50 Best Ways for Kids to Make Money & Learn Financial Lessons

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It seems that kids are always asking for something, whether it’s a new toy, the latest fashion must-have, or a whole new video game system. And there’s only so far that birthday checks and holiday money can take them. Early on, it’s a smart idea to instill the basics of financial literacy. The building blocks will help them understand the value of a dollar. But under a certain age you can’t get a job, so finding ways for how to make money as a kid takes a little ingenuity.

And seriously, it’s never too early to help build these money skills for kids and teach them how to make money for themselves. It can be a lot of fun, too. Kids who start making their own money are set up for financial success in the future.

We’ve rounded up 50 of the best ways for kids to make money, from selling old toys to starting their own businesses.

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50 Best Ways for Kids to Make Money


How to Make Money as a Kid: Sell Used Stuff

A person holding open a ps4 box sitting on a GameStop counter.

If you look around your house and see clutter, with most of it belonging to your kids, put them into sales mode. Here are some ways kids can make money by unloading old stuff for cash.

Unload old video game systems.

From PS5 to Nintendo consoles, kids love the latest and greatest when it comes to gaming. And they can make money by selling their old video game systems in person at stores such as GameStop. Another idea is to help them set up an account to sell on Facebook Marketplace, GadgetGone, or Gameflip.

Sell old toys.

Encourage kids to purge their unused toys that are taking up space around the house. With parent help, posts can be created on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, or Letgo so that kids can make cash quickly.

Declutter book your book stash for cash.

Kids who love to read can get an adult to help them scan in their books and sell them to resale websites such as GoTextbooks, Valore, BooksRun, Powell’s, or Barnes & Noble. All of these sites will pay out in direct deposit or checks for used reads.

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Make money on a closet clean-out.

Kids who have grown out of last year’s fashion trends can turn to online selling at Poshmark, ThredUp,, or local consignment shops to make a little extra money. Both options may require an adult helper, but depending on the item’s condition and the brand, they may be able to make a decent return.

Sell household items.

If you’re cleaning out your basement or storage space, chances are you’re going to find household items you no longer have a use for. Help kids set up a page on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, or Letgo to learn the basics of selling simple items for cash.

Sell shoes.

Checking out consignment stores or Goodwill for name-brand shoes can be a booming business for kids with a good eye and a keen sense of style. An adult helper can assist in listing them on sites like Poshmark, ThredUp,, or eBay.

Sell sports equipment.

Chances are, kids who wear many hats in the sports arena may have equipment lying around that they’re not using. Sites such as SidelineSwap, OfferUp, or eBay enable kids to sell their old sports equipment, and locations of Play It Again Sports or a local consignment shop will give kids cash for unwanted equipment.

Sell old electronics.

Sites such as Gazelle offer cash for electronics such as cell phones, iPads, or MacBooks and offer a prepaid label to send them in.



How to Make Money as a Kid: Get Crafty

Kids look at the world a little differently than us adults. Use that imagination to create items people want to buy.

Make keychains.

Kids can get creative selling simple keychains they make either online or at local markets. Use shrink film, wooden beads, plastic beads, or fabric to whip up creations. The supplies are fairly inexpensive and encourage kids to be creative and have fun while also making money.



Design jewelry

Similar to selling keychains, kids can help to make someone’s day a little more beautiful by selling homemade beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They can find free videos on YouTube or instructions on Pinterest for design ideas.



Whip up some soap.

Rainy day activities can quickly become moneymakers for kids. There are tons of recipes online for not only bar soap, but jelly soap, slime soap, or soap dough that are easy, unique, and fun.

Unleash your inner fashion designer.

If your kids know how to sew, they can easily make garments they can sell at craft shows, community events, or online. Simple patterns are easily found online, or they can design scarves, capes, or shirts with YouTube tutorials.

Make art.

Creative kids can make some money by framing their artwork in inexpensive frames and selling at craft shows or community events. Older kids (with an adult helper) can open up an Etsy store, too, for more exposure.


Sell designs.

Kids looking to build a site of their own to sell their designs should check out This site encourages kids to become their own bosses by teaching the basics of entrepreneurship through designing products, website building, and making a profit.

Make cozy stuff to sell.

Knitting, embroidery, and crocheting are all easy, awesome crafts for kids to make and sell, whether it’s blankets or scarves. Fortunately, initial supplies aren’t too costly. Templates and designs are available for free on Pinterest and YouTube.

Profit off of recycled wares.

Kids who want to incorporate environmentalism into their money making should consider collecting recycled materials from friends, neighbors, and family members. Then craft something new (like upcycled corks into trivets) to sell at craft fairs.

Earn money on crafting.

Kids who have creative hobbies of any kind can monetize those hobbies with the click of a button (and help from an adult). Candle making, drawing, painting, and sign making are all easy hobbies that people will pay for either in person or on sites such as Etsy.

Get into the friendship bracelet biz.

The friendship bracelets you grew up with are still around. Plus, the materials and process are still cheap and easy. With some tutorials on YouTube and a few skeins of embroidery floss, kids can begin making and marketing friendship bracelets around town.


Sell homemade pet accessories.

Kids who love dogs and cats (and have a creative streak) will love making pet accessories. Think along the lines of collars, leashes, bandanas, and catnip toys. Make ’em from scratch and sell online or at craft fairs.

Create printables for cash.

Kids have probably used the site Canva in their classrooms, but why not use it at home to make some extra money? Using the free version to create everything from greeting cards to gift tags will enable them to make printables that they can turn around and sell at holiday fairs, craft fairs, or online on sites like Etsy or Shopify.

Harness your flower power.

If you have a budding floral designer on your hands, encourage them to grow, cut, and sell flowers from their garden. They can take their bouquets to local farmer’s markets in the summertime.



How to Make Money as a Kid: Around-the-House Help

Whether they love to organize or enjoy getting their hands dirty outside, there’s plenty to do around the house (yours or a family member’s) as ways for kids to make money.

Offer landscaping services.

Teens aren’t the only ones who can benefit from doing some neighborhood landscaping. Younger kids can make some money as well by helping to rake, pick up sticks or leaves, or help with small gardening projects.

Clean basements/garages.

Kids who love to clean can make a little extra money by helping friends, family members, and neighbors clean out and sort items in their basements, attics, or garages. If there’s enough stuff to sell from the clean-out, perhaps they can offer their help with a garage sale, too.

Give organizing assistance.

From pantries to storage sheds, neighbors and family members probably wouldn’t mind an extra hand organizing their spaces in exchange for some cash. Bring supplies along (such as garbage bags, donation boxes, labels, and markers) to make it even easier.



Clean some windows.

Window cleaning is a tedious household chore, so have kids market their skills as a wonderful window washer come springtime. Someone you know will be more than happy to pay someone else to take care of this seasonal work.

Toy sorting and organizing.

Almost every house with kids will have a messy playroom. Encourage your child to make some extra money by offering to help families sort and organize their toys and playrooms.

Be a household helper.

School-age kids can help new moms and dads with laundry, dishes, and cooking before they’re old enough to get into the babysitting game.

Offer pantry organization.

Decanting cereal and pasta into containers is easy for kids. Organizing granola bars, bags of chips, and snacks by color or type is also a doable task for kids looking to make some extra money. Bye-bye messy pantries and cabinets.

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Wash cars.

It’s easy to make a little side cash with a hose, soap, sponges, and a warm day. Kids big and small can get into the car washing game by going door-to-door or setting up shop in their driveways.


Get into car detailing.

Take washing cars a step further. With some Armor All, Windex, paper towels, and disinfectant wipes (and maybe a good vacuum or lint roller), kids can easily detail and clean the insides of neighborhood cars in exchange for money.



Clean messy closets/junk drawers.

Every house usually has that one closet where random items get thrown. Ask family, friends, and neighbors if they need help cleaning and organizing their junk drawers or closets. It’s a smart idea for kids who are looking for some fast cash.

Assist with fridge and freezer organizing.

Kids who can market their skills for organizing will have luck helping friends, families, and neighbors clean, sort, and label their fridges and freezers. In households with two or more freezers, kids can make even more.

Shovel snow.

Bring a shovel door-to-door in the wintertime. Help neighbors clear their sidewalks and driveways in exchange for money.



How to Make Money as a Kid: Make a Stand (Literally)

Kids can get into the concessions game with any number of stands or small shops.

Sell candy.

Families who have a membership to a warehouse club can easily grab a box of candy for kids to resell to neighbors and friends for a profit. If your child is a little more DIY, they can find recipes for candy like fudge, lollipops, or even candy bars online and have fun packaging and selling them, especially during the holidays when people are looking for a unique or handmade gift.

Have a bake sale.

Kids can team up with two or three friends and have a bake-a-thon. With a plethora of baked goods and a cash box, it’s easy to set up a table at community events, sports games, or school events and make some extra dough.

Sell meals/meal kits.

A real treat for new parents or busy families is meal kits. And if you know kids who love to cook, why not suggest making these simple kits and selling them around the neighborhood? Putting together baskets of all-in-one meals (spaghetti dinner, macaroni and cheese, or giant salads) is easy, cheap, and fun!

Set up a lemonade stand/hot chocolate stand.

With some inexpensive ingredients and a cute sign, lemonade stands are big business in neighborhoods in the summer months. In cooler months, try a hot chocolate stand in the neighborhood or at community holiday events.

Sell bottled water/soda.

Kids who want to make easy money fast can get an adult to help them purchase a case of bottled water or soda, mark it up, and pocket the profits. Sell at your family’s garage sale, outside of community events, or anywhere else people gather and need a refreshing beverage. Just make sure kids have permission if the setup requires that.

Get fresh with a produce stand.

If you have gardener in your household, plant some extra tomatoes this year and get ready to rake in the profits. A simple veggie stand at the end of the driveway can be big business in the warmer months.



How to Make Money as a Kid: Get Into Business

If your kid has an interest or hobby that can be turned into something profitable, go for it. Here are some ideas:

Flip goods.

Kids who have a bit of cash already can invest in toys, games, and clothes at garage sales, Goodwill, or Salvation Army. Then they resell for a profit on sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, or eBay (with parent help).

Start a business.

Yes, this is broad but literally anything can be a business. Many kid entrepreneurs start lucrative businesses simply by setting out to solve a problem in their life. Encourage little ones to brainstorm everyday problems, come up with solutions, and see if any of those solutions can be turned into a money-making business.

Find dog walking clients.

If you know of an older school-aged kid who loves dogs, why not suggest a dog walking business? Suggest they build up a network by flyering, word of mouth, and starting small in the neighborhood. They’ll have some serious after-school income in no time.

Start babysitting.

Older school-aged kids can start to babysit younger siblings and charge a fee per child. Depending on how many after-school or evening jobs they get, they’ll be able to pull in a considerable amount since they control their rate and schedule.

Sell crafting kits.

Making crafts is one way for kids to earn money. But take it a step further and curate crafting kits to sell. Gather the supplies for your favorite craft projects and package all the materials together before selling online or at craft fairs for a different spin on DIY.

Or sell baking kits.

Cookie-in-a-jar and microwave mug cake baking kits are the perfect housewarming gift and are a cinch to put together. Just gather the ingredients and tie them up with a cute bow. The initial investment in ingredients is low, and kids can mark it up for selling to turn a profit.

Turn a family recipe into big business.

Making that secret family recipe for chocolate chip cookies is fun, but making money from that recipe is even more fun. Package up and sell that family recipe everyone loves and watch the money come in.


Miscellaneous Ways Kids Can Make Money

Listen, sometimes you have to think out of the box. And these ideas could be just the ticket for kids to earn cash.

Play video games.

For older kids who already love playing video games, get paid for the pastime. There are a decent number of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming sites that offer gamers the opportunity to make some money just by playing.

Redeem recyclables.

This is an easy way to get cash if you live in one of the 11 “bottle bill” states. Not only is it good for the environment, but kids can collect and redeem with ease to make some extra money.

Collect golf balls.

Golf balls can be quite expensive. An easy way to make some money is by heading to an area adjacent to a course. Collect golf balls that have gone missing and resell them to golfers.

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