Since you're on this website, it means you probably like a good deal, and like me, you've found some great savings. The one product that I always walk out of the store wishing that I'd paid less for (it’s always been a thing we couponers both love and hate) is ink! Although paperless options like e-coupons are becoming more and more popular, most of us are still printing coupons, shopping lists, e-coupon lists, and other couponing tools.

Each month, I would find myself purchasing a black ink cartridge. I would drop my head in shame for not having more coupons for the ink, but what was I to do? I needed to print my coupons! Recently, I decided to upgrade my printer and while shopping, came across an ink replacement service: HP Instant Ink. Now I no longer have to run to the store for ink or calculate different deals in order to find the best price for replacement ink cartridges. If you feel the same way about replacing ink cartridges, you may want to consider HP’s service, too!

What you need to get started

HP offers a great cost savings solution where all you need is:

  • An eligible printer
  • A wireless connection that links to your printer
  • A valid email address
  • A valid credit or debit card

What's HP Instant Ink?

HP Instant Ink is an ink replacement service that ships ink straight to you. The service works with your wireless Internet connection to your printer, and bills you based on your page count. The service knows how much ink was in the original cartridge and uses your wireless connection to monitor ink supply and page-printing count. My favorite part about the service is that HP will automatically send you replacement black and color ink cartridges when your ink supply is low. This means you won’t ever miss out on a deal because you’re out of ink! Your service automatically starts when you load the ink cartridge, and billing occurs at the end of each 30 days.

What devices can be used?

Currently, HP Instant Ink is offered on the HP Envy 4500 and 5530 and the HP Officejet 4630. These printers can be purchased not just through HP but also from dealers like Best Buy, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, Staples, Sears and Amazon.

The HP Officejet Pro X476 Series and Pro X576 Series printers are covered by the HP Instant Ink Pro Plans (ranging from $19.99-59.99 per month).

What's the cost?

HP Instant Ink offers 3 monthly payment plans:

  • Occasional printing: up to 50 pages per month at $2.99
  • Moderate printing: up to 100 pages per month at $4.99
  • Frequent printing: up to 300 pages per month at $9.99

The HP website states savings of up to 50%, but I calculate my own personal savings to be 60%!

Plan features include:

  • Rollover pages
  • Additional page bundles for purchase
  • Profiles that can have up to 10 printers enrolled (each with its own plan and billing—a lot like cell phone plans)

Can I recycle the ink cartridges?

Yes, the ink cartridges can be recycled. However, all ink cartridges are the property of HP and can only be recycled through them. With delivery of your new cartridges (or upon request) the company will also provide you with a postage-paid envelope in which to return the cartridges for recycling.

No more calculating ink coupons, gift cards, rewards and recycling bonuses for me! Outside of finding unexpired ink cartridges at a thrift store or yard sale, these are rock bottom prices!

This is a guest post by Justina from Gloucester, VA.

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