“Zippity doo dah, Zippity aye”—zapping items with my nifty hand-held scanner is so simple, a child could (and will want to) do it! As a National Consumer Panel member, I scan each item I buy. And nope, I’m not a pimply-faced stock boy doing inventory or some overzealous newly engaged gal who pilfered a registry gun from the store’s home section and is now trying to register for Double Stuff Oreos and Diet Coke. I’m just an ordinary mom who is a member of the National Consumer Panel (NCP) Homescan.

So what is NCP Homescan? Well, NCP is a company that measures consumer attitudes and behaviors—for example, NCP might have their analysts crunch the numbers to find out just how many boxes of cookies a mother of two from California buys in a week (answer: too many!) and then will relay this information to manufacturers and retailers to help them make decisions on what products to develop or improve.

NCP is accepting new applicants for panel members, but you need to hurry—space on the panel is limited. Accepted panel members will receive their very own hand-held scanner. Every time a panel member (or a person in the panel member’s household) goes shopping, they will scan the bar code on their purchases. It’s fun (yes, my idea of a good time has come to include zapping things!) and best of all, NCP will reward you for your time. The more you scan, the more points you earn—points that can be redeemed for name brand products such as jewelry, household items, toys, and electronics. Also, the more you scan the more entries you will receive for NCP’s fabulous sweepstakes for items such as a $20,000 cash prize, a dream vacation valued at $25,000, and a new car or truck!

Here’s how you can apply to become a NCP panel member:

  • Click Here.
  • In the designated boxes, enter your name, email address, phone number, address and date of birth. Then click on the green “submit” button. It really couldn’t be any easier.
  • Wait to hear whether or not NCP has accepted you onto their panel. If you have applied before and were rejected, try again! It took me two tries to get accepted onto the panel.
Hurry! National Consumer Panel Homescan is Accepting New Applications!