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Is StubHub Legit for All Resale Tickets?

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Picture it: you’re trying to score a last-minute MLB playoff seat or need to unload some Harry Styles tickets. Ticket exchange and resale companies are out there to help solve these very problems. But is StubHub legit? Aside from asking friends on Facebook or sending out a group text to get tickets, StubHub is most likely your next best option.

If you’ve never used a ticket resale site before, you may have doubts about the whole concept. Are fake tickets sold on StubHub? If you’re buying, how do you know you’re getting a legit seat or that someone isn’t just trying to steal your credit card info? And if you’re selling, what if you send over tickets and don’t get paid? After all, isn’t StubHub just scalping tickets in a digital world?

The good news is StubHub has lots of safeguards and consumer protections in place to ensure that ticket sales are legitimate and seamless. To put your mind at ease, we researched everything about this online ticket marketplace to find out exactly how it works. Plus, we did some extra digging to track down StubHub horror stories to see if there’s anything worth worrying about. Here’s the scoop.

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What is StubHub?

A graphic introducing new users to their StubHub account on the app.

StubHub is a ticket resale company that’s way more sophisticated (and legal) than trying to scalp or sell tickets on the street. They operate the world’s largest ticket marketplace where all kinds of fans can buy and sell tickets online. StubHub has been around for more than 20 years but really got noticed when eBay acquired them in 2007. Then in 2020, StubHub was sold to Viagogo, another online ticket resale company, for $4.05 billion. The two companies officially merged in 2021.

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How do you know if StubHub tickets are real?

StubHub works really hard to guarantee the tickets you purchase are legit. For starters, they use a verification process with more than 130 partners, including the MLB, NFL, and NCAA. Many of those tickets are available via instant download once StubHub’s finance team reviews and approves the transaction. With that said, tech glitches, human error, and scam artistry can happen, but it’s far less common with the security measures and protection StubHub offers to ticket buyers these days.

If you suspect your StubHub tickets are fake, the best way to find out for sure is to call the box office at your event venue and ask them to verify the tickets.


Is it safe to buy tickets on StubHub?

There’s always a “buyer beware” when you shop online, and event tickets are no exception. Ticket scams are real, and they’ve happened to plenty of people. StubHub protects ticket buyers against incidents like these with their FanProtect for Buyers Guarantee.

Basically, every order has a 100% guarantee under StubHub’s FanProtect for Buyers policy. It promises ticket buyers four key benefits:

  1. You will get your tickets in time for your event.
  2. Your order guarantees a ticket valid for entry into the event.
  3. If there is an issue with your order, StubHub will make it right with comparable or better tickets (or your money back).
  4. If your event is canceled and not rescheduled, you’ll receive 120% credit or have the option for a full refund.

StubHub asks that you contact them immediately if you suspect any problems with your ticket purchase. You can contact StubHub by calling their customer service line at 866.788.2482.


Why are people worried about using StubHub?

StubHub has some unhappy customers who’ve shared their experiences online.

StubHub has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has addressed 100% of the consumer complaints made with the BBB. That said, there have been almost 1,400 complaints in just the last year alone.

Online reviews for StubHub aren’t so hot, which makes matters seem worse if you’re questioning their legitimacy. On TrustPilot.com, StubHub has a 1.3 rating out of 5 stars. Reviewers report unhelpful customer service and problems with getting tickets or payments delivered on time. Eventgoers have also left stories on Reddit claiming they weren’t let into the venue because of fake tickets from StubHub.

Despite the not-so-great reviews, millions of people have wonderful things to say about StubHub, and I’ve had plenty of great experiences myself. When it comes to reading online reviews, you really have to take them with a grain of salt. Remember that people are twice as likely to leave a review after a bad experience than a good one, so what you see is often skewed.



StubHub ticket fees can fluctuate for both buyers and sellers.

StubHub charges a fee for buying and selling tickets on their website. The fee amount depends on the ticket, the event, and other factors. If you’re buying StubHub tickets, you can see the fees you’re paying, but you have to do some digging to get your all-in, final price. So StubHub is only sort of transparent about these fees. You’ll have to use a filter and select “Show prices with estimated fees” to see how much you’re getting charged. Doing this is the only way to avoid being blindsided at checkout.


Is StubHub good for selling tickets?

Some tickets on a table next to a phone displaying the StubHub selling page in their mobile app

Selling on StubHub is a convenient way to offload tickets you can’t or won’t use, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

There are lots of rules for selling tickets on StubHub.

StubHub asks sellers to provide a bunch of details to list your tickets, and you have to sell them in the same format you purchased them. So if you have an e-ticket, you have to sell it as an e-ticket; too. You must send all paper tickets by mail and let your buyers know when and how they’ll receive them.

Under StubHub’s Seller Policies, you must also agree not to contact buyers outside of the StubHub platform.

But StubHub has all of these rules in place for a reason: they want to make sure you’re not putting up bogus ticket listings. If you’re caught doing so, you could face penalty fees, account suspension, or get blocked from the platform altogether.


You can make a profit selling tickets, but StubHub takes a cut.

Some states have limits on how high above face value you can price your tickets. In most cases, you’re allowed to make a small profit, but it’s always a good idea to do some research to make sure you don’t break any local or state laws.

Otherwise, you get to set your own ticket prices. Just remember, StubHub takes a fee out of your sale.



Payment for your tickets can take … a while.

StubHub processes your payment five to eight business days after the event. So if you sell your tickets a bit in advance, you may not see your money for a few weeks.


So is StubHub legit?

The bottom line: Yes, StubHub is legit, and they’re a safe option for buying and selling tickets online.

At the end of the day, every online transaction has its risks. It may have happened to some StubHub buyers and sellers, but most online-based companies have their share of customer horror stories, too. In most cases, using StubHub puts you in a much safer position than trying to buy from a stranger on Craigslist or from a local online selling group.

Keep these tips in mind when buying and selling tickets through StubHub:

  • Make sure your transaction starts and ends on the StubHub website.
  • Watch out for phishing scams, like texts or emails that try to send you to a website that looks like StubHub but has links designed to capture your personal and financial data.
  • Never answer emails or click on links from a StubHub seller, and never share your credit card information directly with a seller.
  • The sooner you reach out to StubHub about any issues, the quicker they’ll resolve your problem. The same goes for sellers with concerns about getting paid.


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