If you’re still hanging on to a Toys”R”Us or Babies”R”Us gift card, Kmart has your back.

It’s too late for you to use your gift card at Toys”R”Us — April 21st was the last day the retailer would honor it. But. . .


Kmart will give you $10 in FREECASH for your Toys”R”Us gift cards.

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And I mean any Toys”R”Us or Babies”R”Us gift card. It can be expired, it can be for $0.02 — doesn’t matter. If you have the card, you can get FREECASH points.

You just have to be a Shop Your Way Rewards Member. Not a member? Don’t sweat it. Just sign up really quickly — it’s free. You can also sign up in store if you’d prefer.

Once you’re a SYW member, take your gift card to a Kmart store and turn it in at customer service. You’ll need to fill out a survey, but once that’s complete, you’ll receive $10 in FREECASH points to use on any purchase of $10 or more.



Jump on this offer before July 31st. That’s when Kmart’s benevolence ends.

It’s going to require a trip into the store since you can’t do the exchange online. July 31st isn’t exactly tomorrow, but it’ll be here faster than Toys”R”Us can say “liquidation sale” (too soon for a joke?).


Earn an additional $5 in FREECASH every month when you text “TOY” to 56278 once.

Through Kmart’s Toy of the Month program you can earn a free $5 toward a toy purchase every month.

Text “TOY” to 56278 one time to sign up for the program. You’ll receive $5 in FREECASH points on the 15th of every month, and you have until the 28th of the month to redeem them.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

I have three Toys”R”Us gift cards. Can I trade them all in for FREECASH points?

No. Unfortunately, this is a one-time thing. You can only trade in one of your gift cards, and you’ll only get one $10 FREECASH offer per Shop Your Way Rewards account.


I have a $25 Toys”R”Us gift card. Can I get more than $10 from Kmart?

Nope. The offer is for $10 in FREECASH points, no matter what the gift card balance is.


Can I spend my FREECASH points on anything?

Yes! As long as you spend at least $10, you can use it toward anything at Kmart. If you’re shopping online, enter the code at checkout. If you’re in the store, just be sure to give the associate your SYW rewards account info.


I don’t have a Kmart in my city, but I have a Sears. Can I exchange my TRU gift cards there?

No. You have to go to Kmart to exchange your Toys”R”Us gift card, but since Kmart and Sears share Shop Your Way Rewards, you can spend your FREECASH points at either store!


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Kmart Wants to Give You $10 for Your Expired Toys"R"Us Gift Cards