Most of the people on my holiday gift list are pretty easy to buy for. But there’s always one…or two…who simply stump me. What will they like? What do they need? What would they use? I have no idea.

This year, for these folks, I will be giving them the gift that lets them choose their gift. Meet the Tango Card—the gift card that will absolutely, positively get used.

Tango Card 101

The Tango Card is not like other gift cards. Here’s what you need to know.

  • The Tango Card is like a gift card for other gift cards.
  • The holder can use it to purchase other gift cards (gift cards they will really use, from retailers like Amazon, Fandango, Toys “R” Us, Pottery Barn and more).
  • The holder can also—or alternately—choose to use the Tango Card to make a donation to a charity of their choosing (including Clean Water Fund, Habitat for Humanity and others).
  • The holder can also choose to use part of their balance and donate the rest.

Meet the Tango card – the gift card you can use to buy other gift cards and/or support charities!

How to purchase

It’s very easy to purchase one or many Tango Cards for your holiday gift list.

The fine print:

  • There are no service fees to buy a Tango Card (i.e. no fee on top of the face value of the card itself).
  • You can choose free delivery via email or three by-mail options (UPS standard, priority 2-day, express overnight).
  • For bulk orders, you can choose from various templates or even have your gift cards custom-branded!

How to order:

How to redeem (spend):

Here is what your gift recipient will see when you send their Tango card via email.


Meet the Tango Card: the Gift Card That Will Always Get Used!