We continue to see how the coronavirus pandemic is shaking up the way we watch movies, and the way they’re released.

Disney’s new live-action Mulan film was on the verge of releasing at the end of March, but COVID derailed the nationwide premiere.

The Mouse House has a new plan for releasing the highly anticipated film — here’s what’s happening:


Mulan will be available Sept. 4 on Disney+ for an extra $30.

Remember when Artemis Fowl went from being a theatrical release to premiering just on Disney+? The Hamilton movie did that, too. Mulan isn’t following that playbook.

On top of a $6.99/month Disney+ subscription, you’ll have to pay $29.99 for a 48-hour rental of Mulan.


There will be a limited theatrical release of Mulan.

On Sept. 4, Disney will release Mulan in places where theaters have reopened, as well as in countries where Disney+ doesn’t exist.

Check your local theaters to see if it’s playing near you — but keep in mind that if you buy more than 2 tickets, it’ll be more expensive than the $30 premium rental on Disney+.


Look for Mulan to be on Disney+ without the premium fee before Christmas.

Two weeks after Onward was available for premium streaming ($19.99 in March), Disney brought it over to standard Disney+.

Expect the film to drop the premium fee sometime between two weeks and three months after the initial release. A recent deal between Universal and AMC makes movies available for premium streaming 17 days after theatrical release, and standard streaming rental prices three months after release.



For now, the animated Mulan movie is streaming on Disney+.

Not wanting to pay the premium fee or go into theaters? You could always watch Disney’s 1998 animated version of Mulan — streaming now on Disney+ for all subscribers.


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The New Mulan Is Coming to Disney+ (But There's a Catch)