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15+ Places That Will Pay You to Move There in 2024

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There are certain places in the U.S. and abroad that will actually pay you to move there. Every locale has their own reasons for offering this, but at the end of the day, it means cash in your pocket. So if you’re thinking about a possible change of scenery in 2024, and you have job flexibility, you’ll want to take a look at these relocation incentives. 

Grab your free moving boxes and get packing; you’re about to get some money (and freebies!) for moving to a new town. 

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1. Alaska will pay you a percentage of their oil and mineral revenues.


How much they pay: On average, $1,600 per resident, per year via the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD). 

How to qualify for it: You need to be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, and have lived in Alaska for a whole calendar year.

Other useful info: Alaska’s PFD pays residents part of the state's money from oil and mineral revenues.

2. Baltimore, Maryland gives certain homebuyers $10,000 to help with a down payment and/or closing costs.


How much they pay: $10,000 as a 5-year forgivable loan for down payment and closing costs via the Vacants to Value Booster Program.

How to qualify for it: Buy a home in Baltimore City that's been empty for a year or more. You must take a homeownership class, put in at least $1,000 of your own cash, and get a mortgage less than $667,000.

Other useful info: The program is open to all homebuyers, not just first-timers, and requires living in the home as your primary residence. Out-of-towners can apply, as long as they plan to move. Approval is needed before closing.

Population: 585,708

Also: Baltimore has another program called “Buying into Baltimore” which will award $5,000 grants to 20 homebuyers who apply by Feb. 3, 2024 and win a lottery.

3. Eastern Kentucky is paying $5,250 to relocate there. 


How much they pay: $5,000 cash for relocation, plus a $250 tailored welcome package. Additional $2,500 bonus if relocating with a spouse who will work locally in education or healthcare.

How to qualify for it: Full-time employment or self-employment with an annual income of at least $70,000, U.S. citizenship, over 18 years old, currently living outside Kentucky, and able to relocate within 6 months.

Other useful info: This incentive is designed for remote workers who want to move to Eastern Kentucky, with a special bonus for those bringing a spouse employed in specific local sectors. Proof of eligibility is required for consideration.

4. Greater Rochester, New York will pay you up to $19,000 to relocate, plus will reimburse you for travel costs to visit.


​​How much they pay: Up to $19,000, including a $10,000 relocation incentive and up to $9,000 in homebuyer incentives through the Greater ROC Remote program.

How to qualify for it: Must be a full-time remote worker who currently lives 300+ miles from downtown Rochester, at least 18 years old, able to relocate within 6 months of acceptance, eligible to work in the U.S., and accepted via application process.

Other useful info: The program covers the Greater Rochester region, including Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates counties. Additional incentives are available for home purchases in Rochester city. Offers are made bi-annually, with travel expenses covered for a visit to the region.

Population: 1.08 million people 

5. Hamilton, Ohio helps recent college graduates pay off up to $15,000 of student debt.


How much they pay: Up to $15,000 to assist with student loan debt via the Hamilton Community Foundation Talent Attraction Program.

How to qualify for it: Must have graduated within the last 7 years from a STEAM program, plan to move to or currently live in certain neighborhoods in Hamilton, and have employment in Butler County or a full-time remote professional role. A preference for those wanting to engage in community activities.

Other useful info: This "reverse scholarship" helps with student loans for recent graduates moving to specific areas in Hamilton. If you leave the job or area before getting all the money, you can't get the rest. Applications are reviewed continuously, and further instructions are provided upon review.

Population: 62,082

6. Indiana has a bunch of cities offering $5,000 stipends to move there.


Indiana has a number of different programs statewide, including:

  • Culver: $5,000 cash for relocation plus other perks.

  • Daviess County: $5,000 stipend plus $250 put in a local bank account & other perks.

  • French Lick: $5,000 stipend plus $250 put in a local bank account & other perks.

  • Greene County: $5,000 stipend plus $250 put in a local bank account & other perks.

  • Greensburg: $5,000 for moving expenses, plus memberships and event tickets.

  • Jasper: $4,500 cash, plus various other perks.

  • Martin County: $5,000 stipend plus $250 put in a local bank account & other perks.

  • Muncie: $5,000 cash for relocation plus other perks.

  • Noblesville: $5,000 relocation grant plus other perks.

7. Lincoln, Kansas will also give you a free lot to put a house on.


How much they pay: Free build-ready lots for house construction via the City of Lincoln Free Lot program.

How to qualify for it: Agree to build a house within a set time, following specific design guidelines. You need to review and comply with the Restricted Covenants, submit a detailed application including financial proof and house plans, and pay a deposit based on lot size.

Other useful info: The program offers lots with complete utilities in a development close to essential amenities. Designed for traditional home construction, the city allows modular homes but not mobile homes or non-traditional structures without special approval.

Population: 1,297

8. Lincoln County, Kansas will pay $4,500 cash to relocate there within six months.


How much they pay: $5,750 total incentive, including $4,500 cash and other benefits via the “Make My Move” program.

How to qualify for it: Full-time employment or self-employment with an annual income of at least $50,000, U.S. citizenship, over 18 years old, living outside Kansas currently, and able to relocate within 6 months.

Other useful info: Lincoln County offers unique perks like a free lot for building a house, a tax waiver, fitness membership, and local experiences to help you feel at home.

Population: 3,000

9. Mattoon, Illinois offers people who move there $11,703 in cash and benefits.


How much they pay: Total value of $11,703, including $5,000 cash for moving, gift cards, and other benefits via the Move to Mattoon program.

How to qualify for it: You live more than 100 miles from Mattoon, IL, commit to living within city limits for at least two years, work remotely for a company, make $45,000+ per year, and provide employment and residency documentation.

Other useful info: The package includes memberships, high-speed internet, storage, a pet welcome basket, and family-friendly activities like go-karting and axe throwing. It's designed for remote workers looking for a community where they can afford to live comfortably.

Population: About 17,886 (2020 estimate)

10. Newton, Iowa will reimburse you $10,000 when you buy a new home there.


How much they pay: Up to $10,000 cash for new homebuyers, plus a "Get to Know Newton" welcome package as part of the Newton Housing Initiative.

How to qualify for it: Buy a new-construction, single-family home in Newton valued at $240,000 or more (not including land value) before 2026. The home must be your primary residence, and you can't rent it out.

Other useful info: The cash is given when you close on the home's permanent financing. You need an appraisal or assessment showing the home's value (without land), and the home must be fully built with a Certificate of Occupancy issued by the city. A radon remediation system must also be installed in the new home.

Population: 15,167

11. Paducah, Kentucky will give you $6,500 to move there.


How much they pay: Total incentive of $6,500, including moving reimbursement, internet expense help, and more via the Paducah Remote Workers Incentive Program.

How to qualify for it: Be over 21, work for a company outside of Paducah, live 100 miles away from the city, and move there within 3 months of being accepted into the program.

Other useful info: Besides financial help, you get memberships and cultural perks. You need to stay in Paducah for at least one year after the first 12 months.

Population: 24,865

12. The Shoals, Alabama will pay remote workers $10,000 to move there.


How much they pay: Up to $10,000 for relocating as part of the Remote Shoals program.

How to qualify for it: You must work remotely full-time and choose to move to The Shoals in Northwest Alabama. The program has a selection process, so not every applicant gets the money. You have to fill out an application, complete a video interview, be selected by the committee, and relocate within six months. 

Other useful info: You need to keep your current remote job and move within six months if selected. The offer is for people who don't currently live or work in The Shoals and is open to U.S. residents and individuals from outside the U.S. You get paid 25% to help with relocation costs, 25% after your first six months in the area, and the last 50% once you’ve hit 1 year.

Population: 147,970

13. Topeka, Kansas will pay up to $15,000 to people who relocate there for a job.


How much they pay: Up to $10,000 for renting, up to $15,000 for buying a home through the Choose Topeka relocation program.

How to qualify for it: You need a job offer from a participating employer in Topeka. The job should be full-time, and you must move to Topeka for it. You also need to buy or rent a home there as your primary residence within a year of your hire or move. You must be eligible to work in the U.S., complete a survey after one year, and participate in a Choose Topeka Immersion program. Applications must be received before your permanent move.

Other useful info: The program is a partnership between Go Topeka/JEDO and employers, each contributing up to 50% of the incentive. There are also separate incentive programs for transitioning military service members and returning residents (boomerangs). 

Population: 125,310 

14. Tulsa, Oklahoma will pay remote workers $10,000 to move there.


How much they pay: $10,000 to help you move to Tulsa as part of the Tulsa Remote program.

How to qualify for it: You need to be at least 18, can work in the U.S., have a full-time remote job, and be able to move to Tulsa within 12 months. You should not have lived in Oklahoma for at least a year before applying. Once in Tulsa, you get the money by renting or buying a home. Renters get monthly payments, and homebuyers can choose monthly payments or a lump sum after buying a qualifying home. You have to live in the home and not use it to make money for at least a year.

Other useful info: After applying and interviewing, if selected, you'll do a background check and income verification. 

Population: 401,190

15. West Virginia will give remote workers $12,000 plus a free co-working space when they move there.


How much they pay: $12,000 cash, plus free outdoor recreation and co-working space as part of the Ascend West Virginia program.

How to qualify for it: You have to apply for the program and be accepted. You must be a full-time remote worker living outside of West Virginia, and commit to moving to West Virginia within 6 months and living there for at least 2 years.

Other useful info: You'll receive $10,000 during your first year and an additional $2,000 in your second year. Payments are distributed monthly at the provided co-working space. The program includes a year of free outdoor activities. Taxes apply to the incentive money.

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