Well, it’s April, and that means Christmas is a mere 8 or so months away. For the coupon savvy, it’s never too early (or late!) to start a holiday saving strategy! I am so excited about one of the current strategies we have put in place in our household this year.  The dollars are already racking up! We call it our Walmart Gift Card Holiday Savings plan, but it can really be done with any store you frequent the most.

The Strategy

At the beginning of the year we decided to add $5 to a reloadable Walmart gift card every time we make a shopping trip to the store. The idea is that you will not really notice the extra five dollars, and it has the potential to really add up come Christmas time. We each have a card, so we can always stick to this no matter who goes to do the shopping.

The Gritty Details

It has been somewhat of a pain at checkout, but as couponers, we are no strangers to awkward checkout interactions. The cashiers always seem quite confused by it. “You mean you want to add money to the card that already has money on it? You don’t want to use it to pay?” (Although they always seem to think it’s a pretty good idea when we explain why we’re doing it.) We have found that it’s getting better as they’re getting used to us! Also, a wonderful tip is that you can actually just swipe your card as they’re ringing up your items, press load, and type in the amount. They will have to push some button to confirm it before you pay, but this has cut down on the confusion immensely.

The Payoff

We have honestly not noticed any hardship by adding $5 to each shopping trip, but we go to Walmart a lot! To have a monetary value that shows $5 for every trip has been a real eye opener. While we are excited that we are managing to tuck away an extra $50 or so for holiday shopping a month, we are also outfitted with a new awareness that has helped us consolidate our trips and impromptu spending.

The cards are also great to have on hand when we encounter some awesome deal on a would-be holiday gift that we don’t otherwise have the money for. This way there’s always a little holiday shopping budget in our wallets!

After seeing this work so well for us at Walmart, we are going to implement the same strategy for other stores. Honestly, you could even give the gift cards as gifts if you tuck them away after you’ve reached your desired amount. You can always start new ones.

It is so nice to think that just by adding this little bit to our regular shopping, we should have several hundred dollars on these gift cards come holiday season. Just think of how much you could rack up in the next 8 months!

This has been a guest post by Brianna from Walla Walla, WA
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Plan Ahead: My Gift Card Holiday Saving Strategy