I used to be someone who envied those who prepared for the holidays and birthdays early. I didn’t understand how my friends and co-workers had the time or foresight to do it. Now I’m one of “those people.” How did I make the switch? I started buying gift cards at Rite Aid. Why Rite Aid, you ask? Because I get +Up Rewards for every gift card purchase!

Rite Aid’s gift card promotions

Every week Rite Aid offers gift cards with a +Up Reward. Since +Up Rewards can be used like cash on almost anything in-store, I’m able to use this towards my regular coupon purchases week to week.

Gift card offers vary from week to week. I’ve bought everything from Old Navy and Baby Gap cards to Xbox Live, iTunes and restaurant cards. Now, rather than walk into an Old Navy and spend $25.00 on a gift card and see nothing in return, I can walk into my local Rite Aid and purchase the same card for $25 and get a $5 +Up Reward! It’s like I got that $25 gift card for only $20!

Prepare for any occasion

When I see an offer on a gift card I purchase it—even if I don’t have a specific occasion or person in mind. When a dinner occasion comes up, I have a gift card. When a birthday sneaks up out of nowhere, I am prepared, and when it comes to the holidays, I always have the perfect cards for my friends and family. For those who I feel I want to be a little more personal with, I use that same gift card to buy the perfect accessory, gadget or toy.

If you don’t have a Rite Aid near you, don’t worry. CVS and Walgreens have similar promotions on gift cards that offer rewards with purchase. It works perfectly when you do it at a store where you already coupon.


Buy Gift Cards at Your Favorite Drugstore and Save!