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Find Pup Cups Near Me for Free: Starbucks, Dunkin', and More

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Most pup cups are a little bit of whipped cream in a small dish that dogs have no problem lapping up in usually a matter of seconds. Lots of places are serving up these doggie treats, but did you know that’s just the beginning?

We know our dogs would appreciate an even more substantial snack, and so some restaurants and cafes are going the extra mile to meet your pooch’s insatiable appetite for the good stuff with a small bit of ice cream or even a burger. Where exactly can you go for a free pup cup, burger, or other dog-friendly treats? Here are some local spots that give free pup cups (or pup cups for a small amount of money) and restaurants that offer dog menus, including Shake Shack.

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We do not guarantee your local restaurant (major chain or mom-and-pop) offers pup cups or other treats for pets, so your experience may vary from ours.


13 Restaurants That Give Out Free Pup Cups or Free Treats

pug puppy licking sonic ice cream cone

For this list, we stuck with chain restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes so you can ideally find one in your area. Some of the treats are cups of whipped cream, while others include vanilla ice cream or even beef. The best part is that you can get this stuff for free. (A few delicious but paid options are at the end.)


1. Starbucks

Puppuccino, anyone? Next time you hit up Starbies, order one of these pup cups for your four-legged friend and they’ll get a tiny cup of whipped cream. It’s one of our favorite Free Starbucks hacks. Find a location near you.

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2. McDonald’s

Next time you go to get McDonald’s most popular menu item, ask them for a little bit of vanilla ice cream for your sidekick. They’ll most likely give you some for free (if their soft-serve machine isn’t on the fritz).


3. Dunkin’ Donuts

If a Puppuccino isn’t your dog’s style, try a free Puppy Latte from Dunkin’. Or ask for a free munchkin (or two) for your furry friend next time you’re in the drive thru. While you’re there, get yourself something nice with all the Dunkin’ coupons and deals we’ve got for you. Find a location in your area.


4. Dairy Queen

Your local DQ is the place to be for fantastic doggy-friendly desserts. Get a small dish of vanilla soft-serve for the dog for free — and word on the street is that some locations even top their tiny cups of vanilla ice cream with dog treats. You’re going to want one of those Dairy Queen Blizzards (for cheap) while you’re there.


5. Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee knows how to treat the whole family right. Their Cup of Whip features whipped cream, sprinkles, and sometimes even a tiny dog treat on top. I mean… sprinkles? Can I order one for myself? Find your closest location.


6. Baskin Robbins

Similar to what they have going on at DQ, Baskin Robbins gives a free small serving of vanilla ice cream your little pooch can enjoy, possibly topped with a treat. It’s like National Ice Cream Day every day for your pets.


7. Dutch Bros Coffee

It’s always a good time for a nice, free dollop of whipped cream — especially in the warmer summer months. While Dutch Bros doesn’t seem to have much of a presence on the East Coast, head further west and they’re all over the place.


8. Caribou Coffee

Your furry friend is going to have a whipped cream mustache after you leave your local Caribou Coffee. This coffee place gives out free whipped cream pup cup for doggies.


9. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

They’ve got well over 100 locations around the U.S., so find the one closest to you and treat your pal to a free blob of whipped cream and some extra cuddles.


10. Sonic

The insanely good Sonic secret menu isn’t the only thing to write home about. Ask for a treat for your fur baby and you’ll get a small serving of either whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Find your closest Sonic.


11. Culver’s

Depending on your location, you can ask for a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and they might even top it with a dog biscuit.


12. Tim Horton’s

Next time you stop by for a Timbit, ask about one for your doggo — they make ’em plain and sugar-free. Score! You can order from your local Tim Horton’s for pickup or delivery.


13. Chick-fil-A

Sorry, there’s no Doggy Chicken Sandwich, but many locations keep dog biscuits on hand — so ask about them the next time you pull up to the drive-thru. And then bust out your app to get yourself some free Chick-fil-A.

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Restaurants with a Dog Menu (Not Free)

doodle enjoying pupcake from sprinkles cupcakes

If you’re willing to spend a little cash, here are a few more stops to hit up that’ll have your dog drooling up a storm:


1. In-N-Out

As part of their secret menu, In-N-Out offers plain, unsalted hamburger patties for about $1. Prepare to watch your dog demolish this in one second flat.


2. Sprinkles

A Sprinkles Pupcake is made with high-quality ingredients, yogurt “frosting,” and — depending on your location — a little dog bone decoration. From what we found, the price ranges from $2.50 to $3 a pop.


3. Shake Shack

While we couldn’t find it on their website, Shake Shack locations in NYC and New Jersey have a whole doggie menu, which includes the Bag ‘o Bones (dog biscuits) for $7.99 and the Poochini (vanilla custard) for $4.29. The menu and prices may vary by location.



Are Pup Cups safe for dogs to eat?

A dog licking whipped cream out of a small cup.

Dogs often have sensitive bellies, like Peanut here. If you look at him the wrong way, he’ll get the evil poops. So you best believe we did our homework before giving him his first-ever pup cup.

The main ingredient in whipped cream is heavy cream. They whisk it up until it’s a light and fluffy texture. Some whipped cream might have extra ingredients, like sugar or vanilla.

Dogs don’t typically do well with dairy because they have difficulty digesting lactose. However, whipped cream has a lot of air in it, so it’s not like they’re chugging milk by the gallon. A little dollop of whipped cream should be fine.


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