Babies grow so fast. It doesn't take long for your little ones to move up to the next size. If you look around your baby's closet, there's a pile of cash waiting for you if you know what to do with it. Selling baby items to consignment stores helps other moms pay less for clothes at the store, and gives you cash at the same time. And these stores pay upfront cash, so you don't have to wait, hope and pray that someone buys something to get some money back.

How It Works

When you take your baby items in, you'll have to leave them for a couple of days for the clerks to go through and determine what they'll want to buy and how much they'll offer. If you live in a small town or city or go when it's not busy, then you could get that information within a couple of hours.

Once Upon a Child

Head over to your local Once Upon a Child. It's a national franchise that's in the business of buying and selling used baby clothes. They ask that the clothing you bring is gently used. That means no stains, rips or missing buttons. These stores also accept toys, baby equipment, potty seats (remember, gently used) and other accessories. What's great about Once Upon a Child is that you'll get paid for your items up front. You don't have to wait for things to sell. You can either ask for cash or store credit to make other purchases.

Kid to Kid

You have to love two tag lines of the company, "Kids grow faster than paychecks," and "Clean out and Cash in." They get it. They want to give you cash, so don't be shy about earning money with them. Or, you can get up to a 20 percent credit to purchase some of the other items you need. A buyer at the store will check prices online and make you an offer. You'll get your money right then and there.

Children's Orchid

You might run into trouble trying to sell off-season items at the other franchises, but not at Children's Orchid. It's often willing to take those items all year long. It also tries to beat the competition by offering higher prices for your items. If you've got a store in your area, it's worth comparing what you'll get from a buyer here versus Kid to Kid or Once a Upon a Child. It also offers a M.O.M.S club where you can earn a $5 Cache Card for each referral you make. You can use the card at the store to make purchases.

Tips and Tricks for Selling Baby Items

Once you decide to earn money selling used baby items, you'll need a plan for the ones you already have as well as what you plan to purchase in the future. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Sell some high value items you get as gifts to get even higher resale offers
  • Don't open items you purchase or receive until you need them, in case you decide to sell
  • Check garage and moving sales for brand name clothing sold for cheap
  • Baby equipment such as swings, strollers, bouncer seats and boppy pillows are always in demand, so keep yours in good condition
  • Take advantage of freebies or awesome coupon deals you can find right here on The Krazy Coupon Lady to resell baby items
  • Try to sell the items you make, such as baby slings or cloth diapers

Don't worry about selling every single baby item you own. You can hold onto some for keepsakes. But you may find yourself with clothing that you just can't use or duplicate items in storage. Turn those items into cash by selling them to stores that resell baby items.

Sell Baby Items for Extra Cash!