Your Wi-Fi network name says a lot about you and your family. For instance, whenever I connect my computer to Wi-Fi, I find it highly entertaining, especially when my neighbors label their networks with names like, “Addicted_to_Beiber,” “Diva4U,” and even “FBI_SurveillanceVan.” True story. Just by looking through my network queue, I’m able to rank the coolness level of each of my neighbors. Sometimes I find their signals to be stronger than my own, which is infuriating because Internet connectivity certainly isn’t free at home. Though you can’t expect to pay nothing at all, Internet expenses can be considerably cheaper if you share connectivity (and the bill!) with one of your tolerable neighbors. Propose a smart, money-saving alternative to the neighborhood comedian whose Wi-Fi strength is stronger than the walls that separate you two, and you’ll both be happy campers!

Share Wi-Fi with Your Cool Neighbor and Split the Bill