There’s nothing quite so wonderful as winning free passes to see a new film featuring your favorite stars. Unless perhaps it’s being able to watch that same film without having to leave your house, pay for expensive cinema snacks, burn gas driving to and from the theater, wait in line, or sit through a bunch of previews that don't interest you. With Snag Films, you can skip right past everything you don't like about going to the cinema and enjoy more of everything you love!

How to get Snag Films

You can watch your favorites online or download apps and software to link Snag Films to your smart platforms at home and on the go.

1. Snag Films Online

2. Snag Films Mobile/Smart Devices

Snag Films 411

Here are some "Snag Film Facts" to help you decide if this is the best free platform for the film lover in you.

  • Snag Films is dedicated to keeping their services free and comprehensive (encompassing all different genres of cinema).
  • Snag Films uses a three-tiered process to select and recommend films: their own editorial team, users' social networks and their in-house recommendation engine.
  • Snag Films has a catalogue of more than 10,000 movies for adults and kids.
  • You can easily find newly added and staff-picked films, as well as films that are popular right now and films for special events (like Women's History Month and Black History Month).
  • The more you watch, the more personalized Snag's suggestions will become.
  • Snag Films' categories are extensive and their browse feature is easy to use.

How to use Snag Films

There are several ways you can use Snag Films. Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to get started.

1. Register by creating a free account

It’s not required to register, but if you do, you can enjoy a more personalized viewing experience. You can register by logging in with Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or by using your email address.

2. Use the free search feature (top right menu bar) to browse for specific selections

3. Browse films by categories

Categories include standards like Action & Adventure, Romance, Kids & Family, and Drama, as well as interesting options like Animation, Science & Nature,  Korean Drama, Cult Classics and Bollywood.

4. Go mobile and take Snag Films with you anywhere you go.

Use the list of apps here to take Snag Films entertainment with you while you travel.

Snag Films: Watch Your Favorite Films for Free