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Forget creamer — have you ever thought about mixing some olive oil in with your Starbucks? On Feb. 22, Starbucks Italy released a new line of drinks infused with Partanna cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil called Starbucks Oleato, and the new drinks hit the U.S. on March 23!

We found every location that’s offering the Starbucks Oleato drinks, prices, and more.

This new drink comes right on the heels of the Starbucks Rewards changes, which will make getting free Starbucks a bit more complicated.

Here’s everything you should know about the new Starbucks olive oil-infused drinks and how to get more stars.


Starbucks has created five Oleato olive oil-infused coffee drinks.

five starbucks oleato olive oil-infused drinks official photo

Starbucks Italy introduced five new olive oil-infused drinks, and these new drinks are now in the U.S. locations as well. Here are each of the drinks and prices that you can get (at a grande size):

  • Oleato Caffe Latte (reg. $6.75): A Starbucks Blond Espresso infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil and oat milk.
  • Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew (reg. $6.45): A Starbucks Cold Brew with cold foam infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil on top.
  • Oleato Iced Shaken Espresso (reg. $6.75): An espresso shot poured over ice with oat milk infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil.

Starbucks Italy has two other drinks — “Oleato Deconstructed” and an “Oleato Golden Foam Espresso Martini” — but these aren’t part of the international release.


Starbucks Oleato drinks arrived at more U.S. Starbucks locations on June 6.

starbucks oleato olive oil-infused cold foam drink

Starbucks Reserve locations in Chicago, Seattle, and New York started selling the Starbucks Oleato Caffe Latte, Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew, and Oleato Iced Espresso drinks on March 23. That included the new Reserve locations in the Empire State Building, SoDo Seattle, Greenwich Lane in NYC, and the original Starbucks in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

On March 27 Starbucks started serving these Starbucks drinks in stores across Seattle and Los Angeles, where they’re also selling Partanna cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil for your home.

June 6 saw the release of of the Oleato drinks at 11 new states in the U.S. You’ll be able to find them in Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont. Plus, they are expanding to major cities such as Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami.



Some Oleato drinkers have reported upset stomachs.

A tweet of a coffee drinker who reported negative effects from his Oleato drink.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says Oleato drinkers can expect a “velvety, buttery flavor,” but some coffee drinkers have reported some more sour effects. Starbucks customers have taken to Twitter since the larger release of Oleato beverages, talking about unpleasant stomach issues as a result of drinking the new beverage. So — proceed with caution.


Create your own Starbucks olive oil-infused coffee at home.

While you might be tempted to pour a teaspoon of olive oil into your coffee, that isn’t how you can make olive oil coffee. Instead you should infuse your oat milk with olive oil by steaming, blending, or shaking it with oat milk. The exact amount of olive oil to use will depend on your personal taste preferences, but start with just a small amount, such as a teaspoon or less and adjust as needed.

According to the American Heart Association, a half-tablespoon of olive oil a day can decrease the risk of heart disease, and it’s linked to improving digestion and reducing inflammation. Plus the olive oil in coffee will cut the acidity of the coffee and adds a nutty flavor.


Starbucks Oleato: Olive Oil-Infused Coffee Is Here — 11 New States