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Starbucks Reusable Cups: Everything You Need to Know

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Starbucks reusable cups were introduced as a way to reduce the amount of waste caused by single-use paper cups, but they’ve become much, much more than that.

In addition to their obvious environmental benefits, Starbucks reusable cups have become a solid way to earn free Starbucks. These cups have also birthed a subculture of coffee enthusiasts who passionately follow seasonal releases — getting new cups to build their collections, express themselves, or eventually make money in the resale market.

Here’s everything you need to know about Starbucks reusable cups — including info about seasonal releases, how to use them to earn free Starbucks, and even the coffee company’s plans to phase out single-use cups altogether.


Starbucks sells reusable cups for $14.95 – $29.95 (but those aren’t your only options).

Starbucks cups placed on a coffee table around stars program signage

If you’re interested in reducing the amount of waste caused by single-use cups, you don’t have to buy one of Starbucks’ cups. There are plenty of ceramic, glass, and plastic tumblers out there that’ll cost you a whole lot less. Starbucks cup sizes range from eight ounces to 24 ounces. And technically, you can bring whatever cup you want from home and tell the baristas to put a drink in it; as long as one of the standard sizes will fit, you’ll be good to go.

Starbucks cups typically cost $14.95 to $29.95 depending on how large they are and the material they are made from. The cheapest cups we’ve seen are the 8-ounce ceramic mugs, and the most expensive cups tend to be 24-ounce cold cups with detailed designs.


Use your Starbucks reusable cup to get a discount — plus ‘Stars’ rewards.

A display shelf of Starbucks mugs and cups for sale inside Starbucks.

When you bring a reusable cup to Starbucks, you’ll always get a $0.10 discount on your order, and if you’re a part of the Starbucks Rewards program, you’ll get 25 Stars added to your account.

You can get this discount even if you don’t bring in a Starbucks reusable cup. As long as you bring a clean cup of the appropriate size, you’ll get this discount and Stars added to your account.

That’ll get you that much closer to getting free Starbucks.


Starbucks winter cups (and holiday cups) are available from November to January.

starbucks winter cups 2022 feature

The Starbucks Winter Cups come in two different waves: one during the holiday season after Thanksgiving, and another in January. Each season will give you a new series of cups that you can collect.

Here are the five most popular cups from the winter release:

  1. Gold & Sangria Bling Cups (24 oz): $29.95
  2. Ion Ombre Tumbler (12 oz): $22.95
  3. White, Merlot, and Azure Cold Cups (24 oz): $29.95
  4. Enchanted Forest Cup (24 oz): $27.95
  5. Mint Poinsettia Tumbler (12 oz.): $19.95

These cups are perfect for holding your Starbucks holiday drinks.


Getting the exclusive Starbucks Refill Cup during the holidays will get you coffee all January long.

green starbucks 16 ounce coffee ad tea refill tumbler

Starting in November, Starbucks starts to sell the exclusive Starbucks Refill Cup. It costs $64.95, but it will get you free coffee or tea all January long. You’ll need to get your Starbucks fix at least 17 times to make it worth it, so it might not make the best coffee subscription. However, if you’re going to Starbucks every day, it’ll be worth the price.



Starbucks spring cups are available from March to May.

In the spring, Starbucks releases their pastel line of spring cups that include softer colors and floral designs. 2022 released several sizes of cups in the same design — which is a practice that they have since discontinued.

Here were the most popular Starbucks Spring Cups from 2022:

  1. Mermaid Rainbow Cold Cups (24 oz): $24.95
  2. Pastel Peach Bling Cup (24 oz): $24.95
  3. Floral Mint Mug (14 oz): $14.95
  4. Silver Rainbow Mermaid Tumbler (24 oz) $29.95
  5. Gold Floral Tumbler (12 oz): $22.95


Starbucks summer cups merchandise are available June and July.

starbucks summer cups on a tropical background

With the summer comes exclusive Starbucks summer drinks and merchandise. We’ll see the summer cups resemble fruit and brighter, tropical colors.

Here are the most popular Starbucks Summer Cups of 2022:

  1. Dragonfruit Bling Cup (24 oz): $24.95
  2. Berry Tumbler (12 oz): $22.95
  3. Berry Blossom Cold Cup (18 oz): $27.95
  4. Lemon Gradient Cold Cup (24 oz): $24.95
  5. Watermelon Gradient Cold Cup (24 oz): $24.95


Starbucks fall cups hit shelves between August and October.

In the fall, we can expect a new line of Starbucks Fall Cups themed to Halloween and the classic colors of fall like orange, yellow, and brown. This year, they also surprised us by giving us brighter cups reminiscent of their summer line.

Here were the most popular Starbucks Fall Cups in 2022:

  1. Lemongrass & Orange Bling Cup (24 oz): $24.95
  2. Periwinkle Raven Glow-in-the-Dark (24 oz): $12.95
  3. Preying Eyes Glow-in-the-Dark Cold Cup (24 oz): $19.95
  4. Ocean Kaleidoscope Cold Cup (24 oz): $22.95
  5. Grid Rainforest Cold Cup (24 oz): $22.95

These cups come in just in time for Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte season.


Get a free reusable cup on Starbucks Red Cup Day in November.

hand holding starbucks red cup in coffee shop

Starbucks Red Cup Day is a day where Starbucks gives away a reusable cup for free with the purchase of a holiday-themed drink (like the Peppermint Mocha). Every year, they give away these cups a few weeks after their holiday drink release. In 2022, we celebrated Red Cup Day on Nov. 17.

Here’s when Starbucks celebrated Red Cup Day in the past:

  • 2021: Nov. 18
  • 2020: Nov. 6
  • 2019: Nov. 7
  • 2018: Nov. 2


Not interested in buying a cup? Starbucks will let you borrow one.

By 2025, Starbucks is planning to completely eliminate the use of single-use cups at all Starbucks locations with their Starbucks Borrow a Cup program. With the new program, you’ll make a $1 deposit that you can get back when you return the cup. Once it’s returned, you’ll get 10 free “Stars” added to your account.

This program is currently being tested in Seattle and Chicago with more locations offering it in 2023.



Nonseasonal Starbucks cups are available year-round for as little as $2 each.

A person's hand holding up a reuasble Starbucks tumbler cup in front of a shelf of more cups.

Even when the exclusive seasonal Starbucks cups are sold out, you can always get classic Starbucks cups that you can purchase any time. They’ll be sold in store and online no matter what season you’re in. These include cold cups, tumblers, and hot cups.

Not every location has cups available because they’re sold out, so when you see them, make sure you pick them up.

Here are all the cups that you can get every day of the year:

Siren Logo Plastic Cups (16 oz): $2

starbucks reusable hot cup on a green background

The Siren Logo Plastic Cups resemble the normal Starbucks that you would normally get from your local Starbucks. It’s a white cup with the green Starbucks logo on one side.


Cold To-Go Cup (24 oz): $3

starbucks reusable to go cup on a green background

Starbuck’s Cold To-Go Cup is great for your cold drinks from Starbucks. It’s a clear cup that mimics the plastic cups that come when you order a cold drink. It has the classic Starbucks siren on the side and lines along the side. You’ll also get a green straw to go with your cup.


Siren Logo Plastic Cold Cup (24 oz): $14.95

a starbucks reusable plastic siren cold cup on a green background

Much like the Cold To-Go Cup, the Siren Logo Plastic Cold Cup has all the same features, but it boasts a thicker plastic that makes it sturdier.


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